Friday, May 30, 2008

Carnival at Cassi!

WOOT! Carnival festivities at Cassiopeia Island :) For the entire weekend untill Monday, events are planned. The sim is full with attractions (you should seriously take a ride in the ferris wheel), many of the shopowners have out freebies and dollarbee's for the occasion, Ravenlynn Templar is playing some live music, so you must come and check it out :)

As you all know, I'm moving the S.Y.D mainstore away from Cassi island to its own sim (Grand opening Sunday!), however I do have a medium sized store at the same location and will keep it there. Cassi island was the first place where i started out, the owner Duncan is a doll and the folks are real fun. I feel at home there *sniff* so I have double feelings about "leaving" with the mainstore. Ok, end of emotalk for now ;)

On to the good stuff! FREEBIES! And lots of them...I gathered a few here and there across the sim, but there's many many more. Check out this little fun compilation I did:

From left (upper start) to right:
Carnival Bones dress L$1 - The Dollhouse
Babygoth girl PJ pink L$1 - My dead kitty (LVS & CO)
Raeva's Kate dress L$1 - Raeva's
Meow Mix L$1 - The Passionate Neko
Gothic Blood gown L$1 - The Passionate Neko
Vampire Kanji swimsuit L$1 - My Dead Kitty (LVS & CO)
Vincent Price autograph shirt L$1 - LVS & CO
Pillows with animations Broken heart series - The Pampered puss (LVS & CO)

And check this awesome belt with spikes from HAB by Habibi creations, yours for L$1 :) (I will feature his works in my new sim aswell, his belts are addicting!)

These are just a few of the many many great freebies around :) You'll find gifts from Elate!, brandnew mainstore of Gothic Dreams Xulltana Lowell (welcome to cassi!), LVS, Raeva's, Passionate Neko, Pampered Puss and lots lots more :)Ofcourse I have some goodies up aswell, in front of my (ex LOL) mainstore. A special edition in green of the Natural Gypsy set is available till monday, so come on over and have fun at the Carnival!

Untill next time,
<3 SySy

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Invitation to the brandnew S.Y.D sim! :)

I've been quiet lately on the blogs...and the reason is i've been working sooo hard on the new S.Y.D sim :D *woooot*! It will open June 1st, at 12 PM SLT. Feel free to come party with us, there will be live music and presents and all of that good stuff :D

As you will notice, the mainstore is removed from the place it was, I do however have set up a smaller shop on that place. Please get the new LM there and change it in your inventories aswell ;) The new sim is currently closed for public, but will open its doors on sunday for you all!

A note to my fellow bloggers, please change your slur's and lm's to my new location :D
SLURL to the new mainstore (opens sunday)
SLURL to old mainstore location with smaller shop temporarily

Thank you everyone and I hope to see you sunday! CAN'T WAIT!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

***Celistia grand opening tonight/today!***

I'm sooooo excited about this, Tonight/today (depending on where you are in the world), Celistia will finally open its doors. To those of you who know the works of Joan Monstre, you know what you can expect: Beautifull landscaping, an amazing eye for detail and a tropical, peacefull athmosphere. Celistia is the new project of Joan and his partner Laetitia, and means "Under the stars". Tonight, we invite you all to come party with us under the stars, to celebrate the grand opening of this beautiful new sim! Celistia is a place with romantic dancefloors, hide-out places, waterfalls and cave's, mountains and beaches, and some exclusive shops who will for the occasion offer exclusivly designed free gifts, only at Celistia! Amongst the joining designers are Lucas Lameth with his Earthtones boutique, and myself ;) Expect more designer shops coming soon...

But now its party time! At 3PM SLT, feel welcome at the brand new Celistia sim, and celebrate with us! Music, surprises and as I saw the preparations, some sensational things to see ;)

Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 23, 2008

*** 1 Year S.Y.D Sy Designs :D *** WOOT!

A little over a year in SL...not without them: left to right Mick Clave, Celie Carter, Habibi Habana, Zorya Schnyder and me. <3!!!

First anniversary of S.Y.D :D!! I can't believe its been a year..time flies when you're having fun! I have planned many exciting things, to start of the celebration I've made a limited color edition of my newest release: Attitude! The set comes in silver and black, with a bare shouldertop, base and flexi skirt and feather attachement for the shoulder. For the anniversary there's a red edition in the mainstore for L$1 :)

The regular version:

Up in the mainstore :D

A year...definately NOT without:

Joan Monstre & me

& Aphrodite Outlander, Loxley Tatham, Major McCaw, Laetitia Vella, CK Winx and Yenta Semyorka. Real friends mean ALOT to me <3!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Designers gone mad pt 2

Designers gone mad part 2, lmao. We seriously should make this a monthly collumn :P
Really, alot of designers i know (aswel as myself) we tend to lock ourselves up in our stores/workshops. It's soooo good to step out and just be crazy sometimes. Shop, fish, do whatever, GET OUT YOUR STORES lmao! Aphrodite and me went on a crazy shopping trip last night, omg, have you seen Magika? Was new to me!

I'm also working on new releases, here's a sneaky peak of a dress out very soon:

I know you don't see really much, but thats why its a sneaky peak :P

Shout outs to Tonia Lameth and Nadja Baxter for doing such lovely reviews :)
Untill next time,

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lae-cy new releases & photo's of the show :)

Moi on the catwalk (yikes! scary stuff *lol*) photo by Aleida Rhode, ty!
Hi everyone :) What a great show it was last night! The graduates from Instyle model school did an AWESOME job and made the show one to not forget :)Lyra Nitely, Eve Torres, Lauren Mureaux, Venus Petrov and Renee Veliz congrats on graduating. Kylie Grears being a wonderfull host (despite being sick in RL), thank you all so much, I really enjoyed it. Check out some photo's done by Aphrodite (sweet sweet thank you SO much twinny!) on my flickr stream <3

On to the new releases (yep i'm wearing it in the above photo lol), Lae-cy sets! Named after Laetitia Vella, a sweet friend of mine :) The sets come in two color combinations, cream-black and olive-black. Let me know if there's interest for more bright colors, as i tend to use many natural/earthy tones ;) Anyway I will let the photo's speak this time:

Up in the mainstore :)Take care everyone,

Lovely resources used often by me in photographs:

Poses: Ana Lutetia, Aphrodite Outlander, LAP (long akward pose)

Skins: Laroki (RAC)

Jewels, hair, and shoes often by: Earthtones Jewels, Tesla shoes, Maitreya shoes, ETD hair

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Invitation to Instyle grads show & goodies :)

Goodevening! I'm excited as in some hours my Fashion show for the INstyle graduates starts :) 25 of some older, some brandnew and some revamped outfits will be shown by the lovely graduating models for Instyle. Hereby you're all invited to come see this show at the INstyle Fashion Academy.

Secondly, I'd strongly suggest you to take a look at the Vanity sim's German Fashion weeks designers expo, where over 55 designers from Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the USA are showcasing and selling their designs, with many offerings ONLY at this expo! So you might want to hop over and do some serious shopping! You can find S.Y.D by walking to the right area from the landing point ;)

Last but not least, I've made a surprise goodiebox for L$1 in my mainstore, which is containing some nice dresses, tops and some other goodies which i've either retired or never released ;) Might be something you really enjoy! You can pick it up in the mainstore between the relaxing sofa's where my sweet dog Moosje is sleeping ;)

Hope to see you tonight!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Lovely Loxley :)

Hi friends!

Just released two gowns named Loxley, after my dear friend ofcourse. I like that, to name things after people you know, did the same with Aphrodite and here we have Loxley. The gowns come in two colors, red and midnight blue :) Each set has a glitchpants, flexi gown, top and an optional sheer overlay-thingy-i-have-no-idea-what-to-call-that ;)

Up in the mainstore ;)
About my slexchange and onerez listings: I'm re-doing every single box as my LM and items are outdated on my current listings, so if there's listings missing its because i'm editing them. Will take a few days to have it all fixed and restored!

Lovely resources used often by me in photographs:

Poses: Ana Lutetia, Aphrodite Outlander, LAP (long akward pose)

Skins: Laroki (RAC)

Jewels, hair, and shoes often by: Earthtones Jewels, Tesla shoes, Maitreya shoes, ETD hair

t/c everyone,

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A few more hours till....Vanity Fashion Expo!

German Fashion Weeks 2008 - press release

Vanity Universe is proud to present Second Life’s first German Fashion and Style Weeks in our Vanity Universe location opening it’s doors on saturday, may 17 st at 11 am PST. More than 55 german designers and friendly designer from Austria, Switzerland, USA and the Netherlands are waiting to present their existing and new products to those visiting the fair. The designer present here all about fashion and style ... clothing, shoes, hair, skins, tattoos and costume jewellery. We have clothes for boys and girls, also neko, casual and formal style.

Meet the known designers exhibiting next to talented newcomer and small companys. We have a lot of nice goodies here for you.

With the start of the German SL Fashion and Style Week we also start a huge photocontest themed "Me and the German SL Style Week". The first prize for the best pic is 10.000 L$ cash. More information about the contest on the fair.

We hope to see you there and are pleased to welcome you to Vanity Universe!

Vanity Universe

Find S.Y.D at this amazing event! Hope to see you there:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New releases, Showtimes and more

What a week, what a week this is! Dealing with some personal issues, SL (tm) being borky as it is, some good old draaaaaaaaaaaamah and being burried in work, I'm feeling alive and kicking! *lol*
Got 2 new releases, 4 colors total. The roses dresses in brown and green, with a vintage-ish touch and a lovely rose texture and the sporty style plaid sets in babyblue and rose :) Here's some snappies:

Up in the mainstore right now ;) Taxi? :P

Coming up this Sunday May 18th, the Instyle graduation Fashionshow for May, featuring 25 of my designs :D The invitation will follow soon, but we're planning a funky fun show with great music, so mark down this date if you want to attend~!

Speaking about Instyle, remember this blogpost I did a while ago? Well, I told you that i've found Instyle's next SL Fashion Icon (:P) and I'm happy to share with you all that Loxley has made it to the 10 Pre-finalists! I was asked to be a judge in the panel for one of the groups for Challenge 3 (no, i did not have to grade Loxley personally hehe) and had the pleasure to view the AMAZING and i do mean AMAZING Moulin Rouge show they've pulled off. Check out some photo's and a nice review on the Deja-Vu blog right here ;) Also my hat off for the other groups, who pulled off great shows aswell! Congratulations to the ten finalists, I'm excited to see the next challenge ;)

Loxley Tatham @ the Moulin Rouge show Vouler vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?

Untill next time,

Lovely resources used often by me in photographs:

Poses: Ana Lutetia, Aphrodite Outlander, LAP (long akward pose)

Skins: Laroki (RAC)

Jewels, hair, and shoes often by: Earthtones Jewels, Tesla shoes, Maitreya shoes, ETD hair

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Natural Gypsy

Gooooodevening, quick post to show a new release: Natural Gypsy :) I've tried to create a very natural look with this with a gypsy feel to it. The set comes with a skirtbase, flexi skirt, prim belt, strapless top and flexi neckrope/necklace thingy ;) Available in the mainstore for now, the slexchange listings are going to be up tomorrow.

<3, SySy

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New mainstore, new releases, new gift, new everything :D

Woooooooooooot! My brandnew mainstore is practically finished. Aside from some details and *some* of the separate clothing items, all is up and running :) I want to invite you all to come take a look, I hope you all like it as much as I do!

Aside from the new building and layout, there's some new releases aswell! Two denim shorties sets, comes with a denim shorts, sculpted leg attachements, a funky printed tanktop and an optional primbelt to wear. Released in the colors blue and brown.

To celebrate the new mainstore, here's a L$1 gift for you all, a blue summer butterfly dress i've made with the amazing distressed textures. The flexi skirt comes in three options to wear ;) Pick it up in the mainstore!

I'm currently working on some exciting projects, opening 2 stores (one in a Japanese brand new mall which you'll hear very soon about, another in a brand new project which will have a grand opening May 17th, invitations will follow, this gonna be a show you do NOT wanna miss) and I'm also working on the outfits for the Instyle graduation Fashionshow for May 18th. (Invitations follow aswell). Then ofcourse there's the upcoming German designers Fashion Expo in the Vanity sim, which will open May 13th~! I'm not from Germany, but this is a joint project for German designers and neighbouring countries ;) Some VERY great talented designers are showcasing and selling their best works, so i strongly suggest you come take a look when it opens :)

So you hear that i'm busy...very even, and what does one do when things get too busy? Thats right, FISHING. *lol* If you haven't joined yet, come take a look at Aphrodite's place, to fish and relax, chat with some crazy people like myself, its great fun!

Last but not least, I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all my friends, in particular Loxley and Major, who where there for me when times weren't so wonderfull for me so to speak ;). Major makes wonderfull waterfalls, and created a waterfall which he named after me, the SySy Falls. Isn't that amazing? Take a look at his work, the falls are beautifull and you might run into Major himself, always up for a chat :) Here's a photo of the lovely SySy Falls:

Since this is officially the longest blogpost i've ever written, let me show you some snaps of the new separates department in my store. Some oldies, some new, some revamped, all available separate now and softly priced ;)

Ok ok, i'll stop this very long essay right here. Someone needs to seriously teach me how to do this "jump" cut thingy. LOL
Take care everyone, I appreciate each and everyone of you to make my store such a succes. Me=very happy about that!
P.S. (thought i was done? lol) big MUAHS to Ana Lutetia for writing such a lovely review. And look at those AWESOME pictures! <3

Friday, May 2, 2008

New releases: A touch of nature :)

Goodevening! The mainstore is almost done, for now I'm having alot of items on sale on the second floor! All items are L$100 or less, fatpacks are reduced to even 60% off.

Two new releases today for the touch of nature line: Peachy Cream dress and a white simple spring lace babydoll :)

Welcome in the new mainstore!