Friday, May 30, 2008

Carnival at Cassi!

WOOT! Carnival festivities at Cassiopeia Island :) For the entire weekend untill Monday, events are planned. The sim is full with attractions (you should seriously take a ride in the ferris wheel), many of the shopowners have out freebies and dollarbee's for the occasion, Ravenlynn Templar is playing some live music, so you must come and check it out :)

As you all know, I'm moving the S.Y.D mainstore away from Cassi island to its own sim (Grand opening Sunday!), however I do have a medium sized store at the same location and will keep it there. Cassi island was the first place where i started out, the owner Duncan is a doll and the folks are real fun. I feel at home there *sniff* so I have double feelings about "leaving" with the mainstore. Ok, end of emotalk for now ;)

On to the good stuff! FREEBIES! And lots of them...I gathered a few here and there across the sim, but there's many many more. Check out this little fun compilation I did:

From left (upper start) to right:
Carnival Bones dress L$1 - The Dollhouse
Babygoth girl PJ pink L$1 - My dead kitty (LVS & CO)
Raeva's Kate dress L$1 - Raeva's
Meow Mix L$1 - The Passionate Neko
Gothic Blood gown L$1 - The Passionate Neko
Vampire Kanji swimsuit L$1 - My Dead Kitty (LVS & CO)
Vincent Price autograph shirt L$1 - LVS & CO
Pillows with animations Broken heart series - The Pampered puss (LVS & CO)

And check this awesome belt with spikes from HAB by Habibi creations, yours for L$1 :) (I will feature his works in my new sim aswell, his belts are addicting!)

These are just a few of the many many great freebies around :) You'll find gifts from Elate!, brandnew mainstore of Gothic Dreams Xulltana Lowell (welcome to cassi!), LVS, Raeva's, Passionate Neko, Pampered Puss and lots lots more :)Ofcourse I have some goodies up aswell, in front of my (ex LOL) mainstore. A special edition in green of the Natural Gypsy set is available till monday, so come on over and have fun at the Carnival!

Untill next time,
<3 SySy

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