Monday, March 15, 2010

RFL: Fantasy gown in purple

Hi there!

I've gotten some requests to have the RFL Fantasy gown in purple :) (well hey, its purple-esque :P) So here you go, find it in the RFL vendor in my mainstore :) Thanks all for the awesome donations so far!

The other color, indian red is available at the Clothing Fair in the Paris sim!

A small note about the RFL vendors and Kiosks: This year (unlike years before) the Relay vendors accept only the exact amount for the item inside, where as before you could also donate more (or less, just not getting your item then). So when you do want to make a donation, but don't want/can't spend on the item, you can always drop anything from even L$1 in the RFL Kiosk! Remember, every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Webquest II: We have winners!

Happy sunday everyone!

Today we have our winners from WebQuest II! Congratulations to:

1st Place - Moriko Inshan
2nd Place - Griete Rasmuson
3rd Place - Angela Ratelle

You guys sure won some amazing prices, happy shopping! Also a big thank you goes out to Barbara Nicholls and GM Nikolaidis for organizing this Quest :)

And now that i'm blogging, let me give you a short recap of all the available Relay for Life items:

@ The Clothing Fair Paris sim:

@ SYSY's Mainstore:

<3 SySy

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let's RELAY!!!!


Relay for life has finally kicked off YAY! As i mentioned in my blogpost of yesterday, I have 4 RFL items up at the clothingfair which just opened its doors!
Today i'm adding two more RFL items in my mainstore: the Sahara dresses. This brand new dress is for RFL fundraising only, and will be only available during this time. Two colorcombinations are up, fresh mixes of teal and violet tones :) The dress comes with a top in all layers, glitch in all layers and a double flexi skirt with sculpted sash. These can be only found in my mainstore, directly when you enter on the right side wall.

The four other RFL items are available ONLY at my store at the clothing fair, find me in the Paris sim :)

If you visit the clothing fair, be prepared there's alot of avatars, so to reduce lag to the best we can, try to wear no scripted items, primmy jewelry, hair, ao's and all that stuff. It's best for all of us!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Guess what? Clothing Fair is starting!

Hi there!

It's that time of the year again: Relay for Life fundraising will start this weekend! As I'm sure many of you have heard, there's also the annual Clothing fair kicking off tomorrow at 3PM slt. I've got new releases, new RFL items, one exclusive RFL item, a clothing fair gift...too much to name!
For all the info on the clothing fair, visit the website :)

SYSY's is located in the Paris sim. What will you find in my store at the fair? My new Chandni tops in 10 colors!

Pictured are the pastel green and the pastel rose, there's 5 pastel colors and 5 bright colors!
Also, there's a limited edition rose/blue RFL edition:

Now, more RFL items available at the fair only!:
The specially designed Fantasy gown for RFL:

Two editions of the Dezi revamped gown:

A guestgift for you as a clothing fair visitor:

All proceeds ofcousre are 100% for the ACS. You'll see the RFL vendors on the left and right of my Clothing Fair store! Your donations are very much appreciated!
This weekend, more RFL items will be available in my mainstore, so keep an eye out for that!

Happy shopping and LET's RELAY!!
<3 SySy