Thursday, June 26, 2008

Love potion, number 23...

^^ The title needs a little explanation. I didn't knew what to name my new release, and a friend told me to "just call it no.23 or something, names are too complicated". Here it is, no.23 in gold and silver :P The sets come with a hotpants, glittery corset, stockings, a sculpted tophat and a "penquin" type jacket. I want to include a warning here, the lowerpart of the jacket is on the skirt layer, please if you got trouble with the SL bug, read the instructions notecard provided in the pack ;)

Other newness today: Funkdresses! Two asymetric fun dresses in olive and red :) Hope you enjoy:

All up in the mainstore :)
Much love to Sasy & Luna for doing lovely reviews on my latest gowns! The attention is overwhelming, but i'm so happy and thankfull you guys like my designs *smiles*

Thats it for tonight,
untill next time,

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flower vert, new beachwear and Altamoda mag!

Goodevening :) 1.30 am for me so i'm on my way to bed and get some sleep (being exhausted from a RL Kylie Minoque concert last night *woooooot*), but first want to post the latest!
So whats new, 1 new fresh summer gown called Flower vert (don't ask me how long that sculpt flower took me to make..hey! its my first flower lol), and 4 new glam bikini's!
All up in the mainstore now, more locations tomorrow.

Flower vert:

Glam bikini's come in 4 colors, two pictured here:

I just had a talk with Ana lutetia who blogged my dresses probably somewhere right below this post haha, much love for doing that Ana :) I always love her photo's!

Last but not least, stay tuned for the new issue of Altamoda magazine! It features an interview with me *giggles* and as most of you know i talk ALOT, so bare with me pls, its probably long! Actually it's an honor for me to get featured in the magazine, and I can't wait till the issue's out. Available from June 28th!

Ok everyone, nite nite for me and a great evening /morning for the rest of the world!
<3 SySy

Saturday, June 21, 2008


lol eurrr...we kinda lost. LMAO. Congrats to Russia!
I'm keeping up the orange dress till tomorrow, its still a dress right? hehe
Also the sale will go on, for a couple of days, so come and get the L$99 priced down items :D
We're fishing, if you want hop on over and join us!


Attention Football fans (in particular Dutch fans) I've put out a orange free dress to show your support to the Dutch football team tonight, who must play the quarter finals against the Russian team in a couple of hours. Find the set across the mainstore in the little tiki stores :) You'll also find some amazing new belt releases from HAB creations while you're there!

Also, i've put many items on a L$99 clearance sale! The heartshaped dancefloor is filled with items which will retire after the sale is over, but they will remain availabe on and I'm making room in the mainstore for many new items, so stay tuned for that :)

For the Fishing fans (i know i am one!) I've installed the 7seas fishing game in my sim, so you can fish in a beautifull environment now :)
I'm planning to do contests and events with this soon, will be fun!

*IF* the Dutch football team wins tonight...stay tuned for another blogpost. I will be hiding two L$500 giftcards *somewhere* in the sim, for two lucky finders. Keep an eye on this blog for that.....I will post it directly after the match, in a couple of hours from now. Also PREPARE for some insane partying with crazy orange dressed folks after the game. (that is IF we win. LMAO!)

Thats it for now folks, feel free to explore the sim, as we've expanded it more and more. There's cave's, beaches, surfspots, lounge area's, yogha and meditation, an artifakt which tells you your horoscope a tikibar and so much more!

*Signing off to watch the game*

Friday, June 20, 2008

Coney Island event, bday Ravenlynn!

Hi folks! We're celebrating the RL birthday of our sweet Ravenlynn Templar and guess what? She's put out an insane number of dollarbee's for you all! Lovely lovely summer dresses in all colors all up for L$1 for the entire events weekend at Cassi Island. Many more vendors including myself have put up freebies and dollarbees around the sim, so be sure to come and check it out :) Currently we're having a fishing contest, so come on over and you can win some nice prices (including my newest releases, giftcards from the passionate neko and more!)
*Beware of the following snapshots i had to take them in severe lag and low graphic settings LOL* but here's some impressions of the wonderfull gifts around:

I appologize for the bad quality images and the quickly thrown together shots, but to get an impression of whats out there it serves the purpose! HAB Creations has out a lovely belt for just L$1, LVS&co have out uncountable summerdresses all L$1, The Passionate Neko has out new releases, gifts and dollarbee's all over the sim, myself i have up my special orange limited edition sporty plaid set for L$1, a surprise box for L$1 and much much more!
Hop in this cab and see you there!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Funky funkay funkayyy!

Hi Fashionfriends :)
3 brand new funky dresses are just released :) I had insane fun making these...
First up, is the Analu Funky gown. Yep i named this dress after Ana Lutetia, she's such a sweetheart and I love reading her blog. The Analu funky gown comes with a skirtbase, systemskirt (including instructions to avoid the SL bug), very lowcut top (front and back :P) and 3 flexi attachements for the skirt.

Next is the Chocolatte gown. Yep i really really got funky! *lol* I myself love the hippy/gypsy feel to it:

And last but not least I used the textures of my attitude dress, the laces from the little black and brown dresses, and mixed things up somewhat, the result is the Lowee dress, named after my dear new neighbour from Hongkong:

All up in the mainstore :) Taxi's, Limo's etc. here :P

Stay tuned for a blogpost about the Cassi Island Coney Island event, with lots of freebies, Live DJ's prize giveaways and fishing contest going on right now and during the rest of the weekend!

Have a great day/evening everyone!
Credits: Poses used in this photoshoots are from Stella's Fashion Model works! I wandered into her store yesterday and met Stella. She was lovely and gave me some great poses :)I love them ALL!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beachwear :)

Hi everyone, i've finally released a beachwear line! I've made a small start some weeks ago, but now 8 sets are released. Pictured are some mix and matches, not everything is pictured here so come on over and have a look :) All sets are priced softly for you to look lovely on the beach this summer!

I want to also let you know, that the SYSY's sim is developing, there's more to do then shop! Feel free to explore and look around, today we've set up some pointers so you can see which way is what ;) Some nice relaxing area's, dance spots and a lounge area are to find and there will be much more coming. Did you know for instance, you can sit in all the bent palm trees? *LOL* Dunno why but i just have to mention that, as i love those :D
Before i forget: I've updated the welcome gift for people who join the group! Over 700 members we are now, that to me is A-MA-ZING! WOOT! Current members can get the gift by clicking in the kiosk history of the subscribe o matic sign. New members will automatically recieve it upon joining :)
Anyway, i hope you enjoy the new bikini's and have a great time at the SYSY sim :)
Untill next time,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Night & Dawn gowns released

Goodevening! Quickly posting the latest releases, the Dawn & Nightgowns (I should say gown "Night" as in the name is "night" its not an actual nightgown LOL).

I'm really really tired tonight, so i'm gonna let the pictures do the talking.


All up in the mainstore now :)

Last but not least, a BIG BIG kiss to Leezu Baxter, she released her new line "Noir" a few days ago, and gave away some insane prices. There was one grand prize winner: the ENTIRE new Noir line including jewelry. Guess who won? Lucky lucky LUCKY me!!!
Keep an eye on the To the Nines sim, where photo's will be displayed of the lucky winners wearing these amazing Noir dresses!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Party time! Live DJ and free dress for opening 5th SySy's!

I'm in a BIG hurry, i want to invite you all to come on over and check out my 5th store location at the Cybertopia Mall :) The party JUST kicked off (12 PM SLT) and we have the wonderfull DJane MIss Celie playing live tunes for us and taking your requests. Pick up my latest release the champdress in champagne for free only this evening!
TAXI to the party!!!!

WOOOT! Partying hard!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

S.Y.D by SyDesigns >> SySy's!

Lots of information and newness to post, so bare with me! First of all, as most of you know I've been thinking for a while to do a name change for my store. We all know Teagan's SYD Style your destiny :) and as both our stores and brands are growing, I think the very similar names are causing confusion. SYD Style your destiny was here before I came on the market, so i decided to rebrand my store name to... SySy's! Very simple, still reconizable (i hope) to you :) I want to thank Teagan and Sasy for helping me out picking this name and I hope you will get used to it soon!

NOW! FOOTBALL! Fan or no fan, European or not, you cannot have missed that the European football/soccer championships are running right now. And me coming from the Netherlands....I AM PROUDDDDDDDD that we yesterday won from worldchampion Italy, with 3-0 :D My friend and guestdesigner Habi and me, decided to give away all football gear packs for free, so come pick up yours! There's 10 European countries included and each pack contains a hat with flexi flags of your country, a shirt, a belt with footballs & your country's flag and an animated flag to hold and root for your team!

We're not the only ones getting the football fever: Ewing Fashion Agency did a nice feature on a designers team all Dutch, we made Orange (color for the dutch footbal team!) in a fashionable way. Tillie Ariantho shot this beautiful picture from us :) The Orange gown i'm wearing is a recolor of my recently released earthgown and is available in the mainstore now.

From left to right on the photo: Unique Moonsoo, me, Kohana Yiyuan, Gwendolynn Cassini, Tuli Asturias, Indira Bekkers and Javabox Kawanishi.
I've made a special orange edition of my sporty plaid set, free for members of my group ;)

A very heartfelt warm thanks goes out to all RFL Fashion Expo 2008 visitors & organizers, you guys have been donating like crazy! It was a wonderfull event, and i'm happy to know there's so many of you out there doing whatever you can for this cause ;) The auction and expo ended, but I will definately be participating again next year! The RFL vendors with the limited edition items are now available in my mainstore, untill the end of the RFL fundraising campaign.

Last but not least, I'm happy to announce and introduce to you my 5th store location, in the Cybertopia mall run by a lovely team of dedicated hard working people. The opening is going to be celebrated with a party and ofcourse I will make a special gift again for the occasion. Please feel welcome to come and take a look, or join us tomorrow at the party with the wonderfull tunes of Live DJane Celie Carter at 12 am SLT!

Thats it for now,
<3 SySy

Friday, June 6, 2008

Eurochamps 2008: Football gear!

For all European football/soccer fans and others interested: We've had great fun creating some football gear packs for you all for the upcoming championships!
My friend and guestdesigner Habi went nuts and made some fun hats, belts and flags and I've made a tee shirt for every Euro country. Packs are L$20, as we do this for fun :D If you like it and want to show your support for your country, come pick up one of the funpacks!

Packs are available for: Italy, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Swiss, Portugal, Spain, Greece, France and Austria.
You can find the Euro champs shop by following the footballs path from my mainstore, or take a direct tp here ;)

Furthermore, omg i'm overwhelmed by the great responce to the RFL Fashion Expo 2008! YOU ALL ROCK, we're raising some serious amounts here for the ACS, i'm so happy to see you're all donating and buying! Keep it up everyone!
There will be a special auction at June 7, where professional models will show off one of a kind designs from each designer participating in the Expo. Here's my contribution for the auction: (note that only ONE of these will be auctioned off, and will not be released ever again)

Untill next time,

Thursday, June 5, 2008

MORE Rfl & new release

Yep i'm spamming the blog today, second post LOL but I want to get this out while the expo is still going ;) So I released a brand new dress, and decided to also make a limited edition color for Relay for life. The dress is called Earth, and comes in golden bronze only. Except ofcourse the RFL edition, which is in wine/purple. Earth comes with a glitchpants, top, flexi skirt with laced layers and a sash with sculpted bow.

Hope you enjoy them! Taxi to mainstore here, Taxi to Expo here!

A note to European football fans (or, like me, just getting the fever from everything and everyone around you who's so hyped about the upcoming championships lol) I've got something up my sleeve together with Habi (belt designer) for this weekend. Hehehehe, stay tuned for that, its fun i promise!

RFL Fashion Expo 2008

Wooot! The Fashion expo 2008 for Relay for Life is finally open :) I'm very happy to be participating in this event, find my store right here at the Expo! There's some great designers participating, and my friendly neighbour is Zaara from Zaara indan couture. There's two RFL limited edition items i have available in the vendors, a purple edition of the sporty casual cream dress and a hot candy pink edition of the attitude set! All proceeds go to the ACS so please come on over and donate!

Taxi to the Expo

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And we're open :D

Finally some time to blog! (ok ok, i also partied at the Altamoda magazine bash, but thats another thing :P)
The sim opening party was G.R.E.A.T. you guys! Thank you all so much for coming, we sure had a blast :D I've added some photo's to my flickr stream right here.

There's also new releases in the mainstore! Two new minidresses with lace simply called Little black dress v.2 and little brown dress. Simple yet elegant with a bare shoulder top.

And i've made some bikini's, sunhats and pareo's :) More to come soon!

All up in the brand new mainstore!
More exciting things to come, for the Fashion Expo 2008 I've designed a special one of a kind auction dress and a special item available in the RFL vendor of which all proceeds ofcourse will go to the American Cancer Society. This event will kick off tomorrow, many many great designers are participating so you do not wanna miss this! <3 to Joan Mayflower Le Look Elite models for the lovely feature!!

Lovely resources used often by me in photographs:

Poses: Ana Lutetia, Aphrodite Outlander, LAP (long akward pose)

Skins: Laroki (RAC)

Jewels, hair, and shoes often by: Earthtones Jewels, Tesla shoes, Maitreya shoes, ETD hair