Friday, June 6, 2008

Eurochamps 2008: Football gear!

For all European football/soccer fans and others interested: We've had great fun creating some football gear packs for you all for the upcoming championships!
My friend and guestdesigner Habi went nuts and made some fun hats, belts and flags and I've made a tee shirt for every Euro country. Packs are L$20, as we do this for fun :D If you like it and want to show your support for your country, come pick up one of the funpacks!

Packs are available for: Italy, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Swiss, Portugal, Spain, Greece, France and Austria.
You can find the Euro champs shop by following the footballs path from my mainstore, or take a direct tp here ;)

Furthermore, omg i'm overwhelmed by the great responce to the RFL Fashion Expo 2008! YOU ALL ROCK, we're raising some serious amounts here for the ACS, i'm so happy to see you're all donating and buying! Keep it up everyone!
There will be a special auction at June 7, where professional models will show off one of a kind designs from each designer participating in the Expo. Here's my contribution for the auction: (note that only ONE of these will be auctioned off, and will not be released ever again)

Untill next time,

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