Monday, March 31, 2008


I finaly got windlight :) Its sooo pretty, and so far so good, no bugs for me :)
So i have been fooling around with my photosphere and different backgrounds, to make prettier pictures to post. Here's the first result (hey, i'm a beginner ok? LOL)

So these dresses I wear (one in red-black, one in orange-black) are my latest release for the La Luna series. L$175 each, they come with a skirtbase, tight skirt, flames top and optional flexi "flames" for around the waist. Hope you enjoy!
TP to mainstore right here :)

Credits: Skin: RAC's tori smokey palette - Hair: Aden's new Annyka - Shoes: Maitreya Slinky stiletto's patent black leather.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't you....step on my suede pants!

^^Long story that title, but i thought it was funny now;)
Ok, so one new release today, the La Dolce Vita set. It comes with a tight skirt, tunic-ish top with flared sleeves and sheer ruffles around the waist. Four colors available, pictured here in rose.

Also, the release of 2 days ago, the flower power set in red is up in my mainstore for L$1 now. Will stay there for a few days, so come and grab it ;) The story behind it? It's in a notecard in the pack. Just a personal thingy which made me decide to get the bad taste out of my mouth and just give it away and have some good come out of it all :)

Up in the mainstore!
Night night,

Friday, March 28, 2008

Music to my heart

Releasing two new dresses for the La Luna series today, "Music to my heart" and "Second Fusion". The second fusion gown is a revamp of the First Fusion original gown i made for the EFA FF Fashionshow back in February. It comes with the systemskirt and a flexible half open gown to match :) Music for my heart is a funky party dress for the music lovers! Both are available in my mainstore and later on the slex and onrez listings aswell.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three for the ladies, three for the gentlemen :)

Finally I did some new male wear again! I neglected you guys for too long *lol*. Three new releases for the ladies aswell, all in flower power style. Guys, find the male section on the 2nd floor of the mainstore, quick tp here for you ;)
But, it's ladies first so here we go:

These sets can be found on the mainfloor.
And now for the guys:

I've also put up a new L$1 goodiebag for the guys this time.
Last but not least i'd like to give some <3 to Sasy for writing such a lovely review about my L.I.V gown :D
That was all for now again folks,
Sy - S.Y.D. Mainstore

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New store YAY!

:D I got a new mainstore, not a new location but a building *lol* and i'm soooo happy with it :) Come see if you like, there's still some decoration to be done, and i'm completely re-doing the male section which is now on the 2nd floor.
One new release is out for the la luna series: Tunique tres chique. It includes leggings, a v neck top with flex flary sleeves and a tunique attachement.

I've also put up a new L$1 goodiebag which includes a limited edition olive green butterfly dress. Find it on the 2nd floor ;) If you missed the red edition, that one is up aswell for a limited time.
Back to work for me, lots to be done for the male section (new releases for you guys soon!) and i'm also making a fun roof terasse!
TP to the mainstore right here,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter!

Ok, so i couldn't resist to release two more outfits today, right before i take off to have a litte easter holiday. (Back monday evening)
Now, let me announce that i have officially made my first YELLOW release! LOL, i never liked yellow, but lately i can see the beauty of it.
First new release of today is the Sealife dress, it comes in 4 fresh colors: Yellow, green, blue and beige. Each set include two different flexi skirts to match your taste.

Next is the "Zor" catsuit, named after a dear friend :) The suits are sort of spacy, metallic-ish almost and come in 4 colors

All easter gifts will be staying in the mainstore during the weekend, enjoy everyone!
TP to the mainstore right here :)

Photo on top: Skin-Rac's tori (on all photos), Hair-Boon, Shoes-Maitreya ChiChi's, Jewelry-Yenta Semyorka
Photo 2 Sealife: Hair-Boon, Glasses-ETD, Jewelry-Yenta Semyorka
Photo 3 Zor suit: Hair-ETD Flicka, Shoes-Shiny Things


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter goodies, RFL and new releases!

Yep, easter weekend is starting early for me, as i'm leaving a couple of days for a short holiday ;) Tomorrow i'll be online to finish up some last works, but then i'll be off till monday evening. If you have questions, please leave me a notecard so that my IM's don't cap ;)

Ok so whats new? First, the 3rd RFL release is up now both in my mainstore aswell as in the Spring and Winter sims of the Clothing fair. It's the limited edition of Butterflies, a 3 pack in the RFL colors:

The new release of today is a denim spring set, which comes in 6 different colors. Pictured here in blue, but also available in pink, purple, green, olive and peach.

Now on to the easter goodies, i "hid" 3 baskets in my mainstore (they are like REALLY easy to find lol) with some L$1 easter goodies, two for the ladies one for the men (can also be worn by ladies btw)

That is it for now, just let me again thank everyone for their RFL donations, its needed and appreciated! The total is over 4 mill. so far, we need to make that soooooooooo much higher! Enjoy the easter weekend everyone, untill next time,
S.Y.D. Mainstore

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Relay for life & more...

Hi everyone, I got lots to say so please bare with me ;)
As I attended the Relay for life kick off convention two nights ago, my respect for people having to deal with this horrible thing called cancer only grew bigger. Hearing the stories of survivors having to not only deal with the fact they are sick, but also need to worry for medical bills is absolutely heartbreaking. In September last year me and my hubby had to burry a wonderfull co worker of ours, who sadly passed away from lungcancer. Almost all my gramps and grannies on both sides died of cancer. My dear friend is continuously battling tumors growing in her tummy. I think we all know someone, a friend, a familymember, a loved one who in one way or another are forced to deal with this. Therefor i'm humbly happy to be able to do a little part in helping to fight this disease, by gathering as much donations as possibe to help the ACS getting the funds for testing, medication and eventually find a cure.
With that said, i'm really so thankfull and it was heartwarming to see that after i sent a short note to my member group, so many of you came to donate! I AM SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!!!!
Today i've put up the first two releases for the RFL fund, all proceeds of these items will go to the ACS. These releases are a limited edition, and will only be out untill the end of RFL. Expect at least two more releases to come for this cause!

I've put out some more new releases today, I will let the photo's do the talking:

Last but not least, a little St. Patricks day gift for you all:

Everything is available in the mainstore, tomorrow aswell on the slex and shoponrez listings aswell as other store locations.
One last time that i'm asking each and everyone of you, to toss some of your L$ in one of the many donation kiosks you'll see all around SL, it really is needed guys! Thank you so much and untill next time,

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New la luna :)

Goodnight all (3.30 am for me, am i nuts?) lol but i just wanted to post these new releases for the La Luna series, Floral dresses. They are textured with tiny little flowers all over, slightly visible but just enough. Two colors are available, red and black. Each set comes with a skirtbase, flowered cut top, flexi asymetrical skirt and a flexi scarf.

Find these in the very back of my mainstore ;)
Because I am celebrating my group hitting over 400 members today, i made a special limited edition color of the butterfly dress in red. Pick it up for free in a red box near the entrance of the mainstore ;)

Photo1: Hair - ETD Sophia; Skin - RAC Tori; Shoes - Shiny Things slingbacks
Photo1: Hair - Armidi Soho; Skin - RAC Tori; Shoes - Maitreya Slinky black Stiletto's

Enjoy everyone!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring! Spring! Springgggg!!

Spring is in the air :) (ok not really its friggin cold here and raining, but wishfull thinking) Two new releases: Babydoll springdresses stars, and Bali springdresses. The babydolls come in 4 colors, seagreen (pictured), blue, creambrown and roze. The Bali dresses come in 3 natural colors: brown (pictured), green and orange.

Available in the mainstore as separates or in fatpacks with a good discount.

Picture 1
Hair - Aden windblown
Skin - RAC's Tori
Jewels - Kesskreations Victoria
Shoes - Shiny things spring stiletto's

Picture 2
Hair - SOreal dreadsbun
Skin - RAC's Tori
Jewels - Earthstones
Shoes - Armidi

Have a great evening everyone :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

New dresses La Luna

First of all big shout to Ben and Ana for featuring/reviewing my items <3~!

Now...and i'm a little excited about this, cause it took me alot of time and work to get these together hehe, but the first three releases of my brandnew series "La Luna" are out :) Ready? Here we go!

They are featured in the back of the mainstore. Hope you like them!!!
Have a great weekend,
**UPDATE** ...i ALWAYS forget the credits. Bad bad me. From now own will add that, so here we go for these pictures:

Hair (picture 1&3) ETD, (picture 2) Philotic Energy
Skin (picture 1&3) RAC, (picture 2) Minnu Model Skins
Jewelry (picture 3) Muse
Shoes from Maitreya
Poses from Long Akward Pose

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Early springtime for him, Irony for her

Evening fellow residents :) To celebrate Janet's number 1 album Discipline topping the US charts (yep yep i warned yall, big fan!) I have a L$1 promo Janet tank up in my mainstore for fans out there.

The new releases are "Irony" for her (comes in 6 different colors and a fatpack), and "Early springtime" for him. Ladies who want to buy this outfit as a gift for their loved one, you can either buy a giftcard from the vendor in my mainstore for him, or drop me a note and i'll make a nice giftbag which is transferrable ;)

I've also released some new denim separates, two belted jeans in blue and black and a capris with optional prim cuffs.

Quick TP to the mainstore right here :)

Untill next time,

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

All that gitter and Funky Satin

Two new releases today: All that glitter set and Funky Satin set :) I had fun making these, i hope you enjoy aswell! The Funky satin set comes with a glitchpants, a flexi skirt and a satin funky shaped top. The Glitter set comes with black capri's with flexible leg attachements (it almost looks like a skirt) and a senquin top.
Both sets are available in 4 colors and in discounted fatpacks. Available in the mainstore now, tomorrow on slexchange, shoponrez and other locations!

Another note, i decided to let go of the Blush gowns line. It's not really where my heart is ;) I'm keeping some, the rest is all on a mega clearance sale and all gowns (normally L$195) are now priced for L$50! This sale will last a week or so, before the gowns will retire forgood!


Monday, March 3, 2008

New colors released

Goodevening! By popular request i've made more colors of the following outfits in my mainstore, aswell as fatpacks so you can buy all colors at once with a discount ;)
* Le Jour glamdresses (7 colors)
* Fever sets (4 colors)
* Jersey girl (4 colors)
* Boho denim set (6 colors)
* Tullip dresses (6 colors)


I'll be doing this for the gowns and other items aswell the next couple of days :)
Take care everyone!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

EFA FF Springdresses 6 new colors

So here they are :) The original First Fusion Spring dresses (short version!) with additional flexi skirt, in 6 new colors. The original gold pack includes the long version, a goodiebag, and the First Meta goodiebag aswell. Hope you enjoy! TP to mainstore right here.

*signing off getting some sleep*