Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Attic & Zodiac!

Hi everyone, Very excited to let you know that the My Attic event at the Deck has opened its doors! The theme for this cycle is "change". The creators have done amazing things and the best of it all, is that everything is priced L$95 for the duration of My Attic only! It will run to April the 30th. My contribution for this are leather skirts, you will get 2 lengths (pencil and mini) in a pack and there's a choice of 18 colors! Lots of variety, and....changing options! SYSY's-Poster Switch Also, Zodiac round Taurus is open! For this round, I created the BullsEye dress :) 6 colorcombinations are available for the month of Taurus, wearable by Taurusses and non-taurusses. Standard sizing, demos available. Only at Zodiac this month! SYSY's-PosterBullsEye <3 SySy