Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last humpday of September!

Hey it's been a while! I'm back from summer holiday and come to you with a special for this bloody hump in the middle of a week. We got through it and it's time for things to get a little easier! Rain or shine, that's exactly what we get here in Europe now, but hopefully the sun will dominate on the sky, like it does on these cute tops in new colors. Salmon, slate and yellow are the new tone options of SYSY's rememberal birthday gift. Available for 69L$, happy humpday!

Limo to the SYSY's Mainstore!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sam vests & Turtlenecks

Hi guys!

Just released some nice mix and match items, and each item can be worn seperately on itself aswell!
The first are the Sam vests, open vests with a closed back tied together with well, ties lol and a sculpted bottom.

They come on all layers and in six colors. You can also mix them with the Baseshirts turtlenecks i made with these, to get something like this:

The turtlenecks are also a great piece to combine with anything you want, or to wear alone for a simple look:

All vests and turtlenecks come in complimentary colors, so mix and match away!
Available seperately or in discounted fatpacks. Taxi to the mainstore here :)

<3 SySy

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Insert catchy title here

^ I'll never be good at titles! Goodmorning everyone,

Got some new releases for you just out in the mainstore, PLUS important information about how to get your hands on a one of a kind catsuit, with the proceeds going to the American Brain Tumor association.

Just released are the Baroque tops, a shiny vibrant colored top, with cross ties on the back. They come on all layers and in 6 different colors. Available seperatly or in a discounted fatpack ;)

And, for the Wear Gray event there are the one of a kind auctions. One of a kind means that no one else in SL will have this outfit, it will never be sold anymore so if you get your hands on this, you truly have something unique! This Tygra catsuit i've designed especially for the wear gray auction, and is on auction right now September 18, untill midnight! It will go to the highest bidder, and all proceeds are for the American Brain Tumor association.

Taxi to wear gray market faire!

Happy weekend everyone
<3 SySy

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wear gray kicked off!

Goodmorning world!

As most of you know by now, today the Wear Gray for a day fundraising event opened it's doors! A market faire full with over 100 designers, each of who created items especially to raise funds for the American Brain tumor association. I've made some special items for the cause aswell, of which 100% of the profits will go to the ABTA. Wear gray will run from today till September 25th and the organizers have alot in store for you (auctions, events, hunt and more!) For all the info read the wear gray blog. My contributions:

You'll find these four items in my store at the site, two for the ladies, two for the gents!:

The gowns are exclusively for wear gray and will be only available during the event :). Also, there's a 20 L$ hunt going on, proceeds are for ATBA. You're looking for gray ribbons in the participating item is the lulu dress in teal, again only available during wear gray, so pick it up for 20L$ and support the cause!

Last but not least: There will be a one of a kind auction starting tomorrow. Several designers and creators made 1 unique, one of a kind item which will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. These items will never go on sale so if you want to score something unique this is your chance! I will write more about the auctions tomorrow. For now here's your TAXI to wear gray! A big thanks in advance for all your donations, we really appreciate it so much ;)

<3 SySy

Friday, September 10, 2010

Shhhh... the candles are lit

It's Sysy Chapman's birthday!!!! Yet she still gives out gifties to YOU! Come pick up this cute top as we celebrate and don't forget to send her wishes, it's always nice ya? ;) This pretty crossed shirt is a blend of 2 colors: mint and dark red. A great coordination of contrasting colors, accompanied by a printed sun, for your every day. Now what's it gonna be? Rain or shine?

Pick it up at SYSY's

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Late humpday!

Once again, happy humpday pretties! I know we're late but Sysy forgot to send out a notice and I forgot to blog LOL. We seem to navigate on the same wave! Anyhow, this week we offer you an exclusive lively strawberry color of the most recent SYSY's release: Tunique. Previously blogged here, the sculpted top in this special color is available for only 69L$! Gents, don't forget your whip cream.

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Release - Tuniques

The Summer is almost over, but you can still catch the glimpse of the sunny days on the fabrics of SYSY's newest sculpted release - Tuniques. Available in 6 beautiful flowery printed colors, these loose tops will bring out that gorgeous girl you are. The soft lacing under the bustline compliments the gently accented laced clevenge, giving the top a very feminine touch. A picnic or a simple afternoon trip to the park? The bunnies will adore you in SYSY's Tunique!

Doesn't she look cute? Available in the mainstore, enjoy!