Saturday, July 16, 2011

B. Unique, the team!

Happy Saturday everyone,

I posted yesterday about our exciting B.Unique project, and today I wanna show you the other items the B.Unique team has put out for you! These first two opening weeks, you'll find limited edition items from FIVE creators. Each have their product out on sale, and max. 50 copies EVER will be sold :) After the two opening weeks, more designers will put up their things, it will be 1 designer every week with a limited edition item. To show you whats up now (these are limited and go fast remember!) check out this:


AYLA's - by Ayla Verity

Ayla has made a lovely minidress called Sophia, with options! We love our options, don't we? This dress comes with a sexy top in all layers, glitch all layers and ruffled collar. You can wear the skirt in two ways, short and sexy, or sculpted and different! This is a lovely piece of handwork right there. Copy & Modify.

SWAY's - by Sway Dench

Sway has done it again! I'm having this beachset in front of my mainstore next to the water and I already find myself relaxing in it. This lovely set has 8 different poses in it, and you can cuddle and be cozy with your loved one too. Adjustable for all av. sizes. Magazines and drinks included! Transfer.

NZURI - by Tracy Rubble

Tracy gives us this posepack, we all need our poses! I know i do...5 limited edition poses, fashionable to a bit dramatic for all your photoshoots. Ooooh lala! Mod & Copy.

DCD (dragon charm designs) - by Ephedra Loon

Last, but NOT least, Ephe made a cute necklace with a flowered bow. See it matching texture to my own Gypsy lady set? A cute, summery bow necklace in a shade of lilac. Mod. & Copy for your fitting needs!

And ofcourse, my own contribution i blogged about yesterday, but for a quick peek again:

Gypsy Lady set by moi. Copy & Mod as always, all layers. For your gypsy summery feel!

B. Unique was an idea of Sway Dench, and founded by Sway, Ayla, Tracy, Ephe and myself. Stay tuned for our amazing designers coming up in next weeks to follow, Jori Watler from MOOD, Liz Gerlach from Thistle, Chandni Khondji from Hopscotch amongst others!
B.Unique the location is hosted on Swayland, for which many thanks :)

Remember, 50 copies of each ONLY, so be fast :)
Have a great weekend,

<3 SySy

Thursday, July 14, 2011

B. Unique!

Hi everyone!

I've got some exciting news today: The opening of B. Unique! B. Unique is a project I'm doing together with a bunch of other creators, to release each week a UNIQUE item of which there will be 50 copies sold max! The items are especially created for B. Unique and will not ever be sold anywhere else and never more then 50. So if you want to have something special, here's your chance :)
My contribution is a Gypsy outfit i made for this occasion:

Taxi? At the B. Unique location in Swayland!

For the opening event, which will last two weeks, there's five designers up with their unique creations. Ayla's - Ayla Verity, Sway's - Sway Dench, Nzuri - Tracy Rubble, DCD - Ephedra Loon & myself.
After these two weeks, every week another designer will have their exclusive items up! I'm just saying there will be some MOOD - Jori Watler, Hopscotch - Chandni Khondji, Thistle - Liz Gerlach and more!

Check out all the creations on the flickr group and feel free to join and show us your pictures with your b. unique creations!