Thursday, July 14, 2011

B. Unique!

Hi everyone!

I've got some exciting news today: The opening of B. Unique! B. Unique is a project I'm doing together with a bunch of other creators, to release each week a UNIQUE item of which there will be 50 copies sold max! The items are especially created for B. Unique and will not ever be sold anywhere else and never more then 50. So if you want to have something special, here's your chance :)
My contribution is a Gypsy outfit i made for this occasion:

Taxi? At the B. Unique location in Swayland!

For the opening event, which will last two weeks, there's five designers up with their unique creations. Ayla's - Ayla Verity, Sway's - Sway Dench, Nzuri - Tracy Rubble, DCD - Ephedra Loon & myself.
After these two weeks, every week another designer will have their exclusive items up! I'm just saying there will be some MOOD - Jori Watler, Hopscotch - Chandni Khondji, Thistle - Liz Gerlach and more!

Check out all the creations on the flickr group and feel free to join and show us your pictures with your b. unique creations!


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