Monday, April 21, 2014

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Hi there,

Hope everyone has had a happy Easter! SySy's is participating in 2 exciting events, both of which are opening today. First off, 21Shoe event. Those of you familiar, know its only a 24 hour lasting event so you want to be fast with this one! You get two pairs of exclusive shoes for the price of one, ONLY today (April 21st) and ONLY for 24 hours!
For more info and other participants visit: 21 Shoe


Up in SYSY's mainstore 

As you can see, the blocky Mary Janes are a brand new release, and other colors have been released in the mainstore aswell :)

Secondly,  there's a brand new round of the Fantasy Collective, themed pirates! For this occasion i've made pirate-y type shoes, but with heels and still stylish! Available only at the TFC event, which will run for a month.

Visit the Fantasy Collective

Hope you enjoy all these,
// SySy

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm a princess dammit!

Hi members!

SYSY's is participating in an exciting event this month: Fit for a Princess! As the name says, you'll find everything which is made for a princess. Gowns , shoes, wands, tiara's, jewels name it! My contribution are shoes and a first timer: clutches (for a gatcha). The event runs from April 1st untill the last of this month so if you feel princessy, stop by!


Fit for a Princess Taxi  

Close up pics