Monday, April 21, 2014

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Hi there,

Hope everyone has had a happy Easter! SySy's is participating in 2 exciting events, both of which are opening today. First off, 21Shoe event. Those of you familiar, know its only a 24 hour lasting event so you want to be fast with this one! You get two pairs of exclusive shoes for the price of one, ONLY today (April 21st) and ONLY for 24 hours!
For more info and other participants visit: 21 Shoe


Up in SYSY's mainstore 

As you can see, the blocky Mary Janes are a brand new release, and other colors have been released in the mainstore aswell :)

Secondly,  there's a brand new round of the Fantasy Collective, themed pirates! For this occasion i've made pirate-y type shoes, but with heels and still stylish! Available only at the TFC event, which will run for a month.

Visit the Fantasy Collective

Hope you enjoy all these,
// SySy

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm a princess dammit!

Hi members!

SYSY's is participating in an exciting event this month: Fit for a Princess! As the name says, you'll find everything which is made for a princess. Gowns , shoes, wands, tiara's, jewels name it! My contribution are shoes and a first timer: clutches (for a gatcha). The event runs from April 1st untill the last of this month so if you feel princessy, stop by!


Fit for a Princess Taxi  

Close up pics


Friday, March 21, 2014

My Attic & the Theme park!

Goodday everyone,

A brand new round of My Attic has just started, and I couldn't choose between making shoes or dresses so I dediced to do both! The ChaCha dress is a playfull tight fit panel minidress and comes in five colors. In colors to match, there are fun bowwedges to wear with your SLink medium feet. As always, all items are priced at 95L for the duration of the event only, which is ten days!



Taxi to my Attic!

Furthermore SYSY's is participating in this months round of The Theme Park with the theme: Spring Fling!
You can pick up these lovely flowery spring tights which are compitable with your SLink feet aswell.


Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

One Word

Hi guys!

Excited to invite you all to a brand new event called "One word"! This bi-monthly event is themed around 1 word each round, the word this round is "Tragedy". For this, i've made brand new shoes with a broken heel, cause lets face it, thats a fashion tragedy, no? Don't worry, a full pair with normal heels is included aswell ;) Six different colors to choose from, or a discounted fatpack are available for the entire month of March at the one word event!

Also, if you join the One Word update group, you can get some lovely groupgifts, including mine:

Now out at the One Word event! 


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Arabian nights

Hi everyone!

SYSY's is joining this round of the Fantasy Collective with the theme  "Arabian nights" and i've made two different items for this round. Asila vividly colored gowns with a mandala belt in different combinations. For a Gatcha, there are bangles in silver and gold sets, at 25L a play!


Taxi to the fantasy collective!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Goodevening, As the SYSY's mainstore is undergoing a new look, there's a new release for you waiting: Leya high pumps! The Leya pumps are made to work with the SLink *high* feet only. They come in 12 lovely colors, 6 toned down for everyday wear and 6 vibrant colors for a night out!


Out at the mainstore & at the marketplace! // SySy

Thursday, January 23, 2014

So much newness!

Hi everyone,

Lots of newness is coming your way these days, as SYSY's is participating in two events: The Fantasy Collective  My Attic!
For the Fantasy collective, you can get these Devilish shoes for the high SLink feet with devil ears, exclusive to the event!

And for a gatcha, you can get the Mary Jane flats with wings, for 50L a play:

For my Attic this round, the theme is "My favorite things", I do have alot of those, but boho type skirts and shoes are ALWAYS a favorite. So I made a nice boho feel long skirt with sash (comes with a HUD with 6 texture options) and a straps version of the Mademoiselle shoes in 12 new colors! All items are as always L$95 for 10 days at my attic, so snag your chance :)



Your Taxi to The Fantasy Collective
Your taxi to My Attic 

Enjoy! //SySy