Friday, February 26, 2010

Webquest II! Tomorrow :)

Hello! Do you remember Webquest? Yes? Then you know the deal and what AWESOME prizes you can win. No? Read the following info, because tomorrow Webquest II will kick off!

"How would you like to win a shopping spree to your favorite store? Yes, that would be pretty great. Now imagine that x11. Yes, 11 shops! You could win some fancy loot from 11 awesome shops! And just think how much MORE fun it is to shop than it is to follow crowds from one laggy location to another chasing freebies that may or may not be any good.

Did I say "awesome shops"? Well, yes in fact I did. How about these: Artilleri, Courtisane, EarthStones, LeeZu!, LionSkins, MALT Fashions, MudHoney Designs, Amacci, SySy Designs, Alienbear and Zaara. See? I told you they were awesome.

By playing webQuest II, you could win a piece of this. And all that just for answering some questions! Visit any participating shop and find the webQuest II sign, for example, MINE :D"

Oh....minor detail...the PRIZELIST!

L$5000 EarthStones Store Card, L$5000 Cash LeeZu! , 6 skins of your choice from LionSkins, L$2500 Malt Store Credit, L$7500 Gift Card MudHoney, L$3000 Alienbear Store Card, L$5000 SySy Designs Store Card, L$5000 Artilleri Store Card, $L3000 Zaara Store Card, Amacci 2 Fatpacks of Hair (your choice), Courtisane choice of any one Fatpack of Boots and one Fatpack of Shoes

L$2500 EarthStones Store Card, L$2000 Cash LeeZu! , 3 skins of your choice from LionSkins, L$1000 Malt Store Credit, L$5000 MudHoney, L$2000 Alienbear Store Card, L$2500 SySy Designs Store Card, L$3000 Artilleri Store Card, $L2000 Zaara Store Card, Amacci 1 Fatpack of Hair (your choice), Courtisane choice of either Fatpack of Devoue Sandals or Fatpack of Allumeuse Boots.

L$1000 EarthStones Store Card, L$1000 Cash LeeZu!, 1 skin of your choice from LionSkins, L$500 Malt Store Credit, L$1500 MudHoney, L$1000 Alienbear Store Card, L$1000 SySy Designs Store Card, L$2000 Artilleri Store Card, $L1000 Zaara Store Card, Amacci Favourite Eyelashes (6 lashes), Courtisane choice of either Fatpack of Devoue Sandals or Fatpack of Allumeuse Boots.

Keep an eye on the Webquest II blog aswell!

Happy weekend all,
<3 SySy

Monday, February 22, 2010

Aphrodite gowns

Goodday everyone,

Just a short note to tell you about my new release: The Aphrodite gowns :)
And since i'm bad at describing my own outfits, I'm going to use the description of Lola Baudin of Image models, where my new gown was featured in their show :)

"For New York Fashion Week, Sysy Chapman decided to debut her modern Greek Goddess called, Aphrodite. This understated sensual yet very elegant dress was a showstopper during Sysy’s show at the Bryant Park tent in Second Life.Worn by Amber Quinzet, one of IMAGE Models Agency models; this was what was said about this stunning gown

Amber Quinzet returns to the stage in the stunning Aphrodite Gown in emerald green. Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love and this gown truly inspires that sentiment! This strapless number with peek a boo stomach and flouncy skirt accentuates every curve. "

^^ Now thats what I call a nice description ;) The Aphrodite gown comes in five colors (pictured in nude) and has all the layers available. Three prim pieces make the gown look good also when you walk or dance.
Up in the mainstore now!

<3 SySy

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Papillon on valentines day :)

Hi & happy valentines day!

On this beautiful sunday morning I have a brand new release called "Papillon". The Papillon dress is a cute dress with the length above the knee but *just* not a mini. It comes with a sculpted skirt with waistband and cute sculpted sleeves. On all layers, in five sparkling colors!

Pictured here in emerald, other colors are: Fushia, brownie, lavender and orange. Plus....valentines deep red with hearts, as a groupgift for all my subscribo members :)

Taxi to the mainstore here!

Also, I want to early invite you to the IMAGE models NY fashion week, featuring different designer fashion shows each day. A SYSY's show is scheduled for Tuesday, February 16th at 2:30 SLT and will feature brandnew unreleased gowns! An invitation will be sent before kick off to my subbo group :)

Happy sunday all,

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jesse, Noelle, valentines and Artist's voice!

Hello there!

There are two new releases waiting for you at my mainstore: Jesse Jackets and a short version of the Noelle dress :)
The Jesse Jackets are a vest-like jacket type. Wooly and comfy, yet sophisticated. Comes with sculpted collar and sleeves, in five colors (pictured here in black)

There is one special color which is up as a valentine's gift in pink, you can pick that up ONLY at the I <3 Originals Artists voice fair, aswell as a hunt gift!

The Noelle dress is a miniskirt version of the previous released Noelle gown. Comes in all layers and in six bright colors. Pictured here in golden olive and teal:

Also, I'd like to invite you all to the I heart originals fair from Artist's voice, its opening today and will run till February 14th! To read all about the Artists voice group and the fair, visit the website :)
You're taxi to the fair is here!
Taxi to my mainstore here!