Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hi there, its weeeeeekend!!!

Just released: the Lulu dress! This is a fun short buttoned dress with fluffy skirt. Lulu comes in 6 colors and includes all clothing layers. Pictured is brown:

Other colors available are: black, champagne, blue, rouge and lavender.
Up right now on the left side at the entry of the mainstore,
hope you enjoy!

<3 SySy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Humpday the bumpday!

Goodmorning, rise and shine everyone it's wednesday already! SYSY's is releasing another design for the Humpday happyness event, available for 69L$ as every week. This time it's a typical male item, Wifebeater Tank, which can be also worn by the tough ladies. This sleeveless shirt comes in white, black and dark blue with print on all clothing layers. Detailed fabrics drape over your body, perfectly for a lazy day you may desire today. See you soon, while Sysy Chapman remains hyperactive on her productive roll ; )

Monday, August 9, 2010

New painter tops, Gatcha! & member gift

Hello sweeties!

Just released new painter tops, for the ladies :) They come in all layers and in 9 different colors..but, there's a BUT! 8 colors can be get ONLY from the gatcha! machines in store. The color you get is random, but all items are transferrable, so you could trade them with your friends or give them away as presents. 8colors you ask? where's the 9th? The 9th i'm sending out to my loyal groupmembers in the bronze color. (not available in the gatcha machines. The gatcha machines cost 35L$ per play so if you're lucky you score the tops really cheap!
There's another extra inside: the Mignon pearl jewelry sets. I made these at least a year ago, but never really released them. So now you can win those in both black and white in the gatcha machines as a rare prize!

*poses by !BANG by the lovely Luna Jubilee

More exciting news: I'm having a mini-retriring items sale in the right corner room (formaly the bridal room) at my mainstore. All items there are priced down to 99L$ and will retire after this sale (which i will keep going at least 1 week). Gowns, dresses, several items are up there to get for this price, to never return again after that!

Taxi to mainstore here :)

And ofcourse there's the fishing prizes still going, they will stay for a good long while and i'll change them regularly and keep you posted ;)

Well thats it for now, i'll be contacting you again this wednesday for Humpday Happiness!
Goodluck at the Gatcha's and fishing if you participate, and have a great week!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shoe Fair and 7seas

Ladies AND gents, have a comfortable seat. This will be one long post, so much awesome news! Starting with an amazing event: Shoe Fair 2010 - on now till august 22. SYSY's is taking part in this event, with it's haybale located along the road on the Ruthenium sim, sponsored by the amazing SLink.

On the haybale you will find SYSY's newly released country YeeeHaw dress sets in two colors: blue and brown. These laid back minidresses come with contrasting plaid socks and sculpted scarf, as always on all clothing layers. Teleport over to the Shoe Fair to view the brown option, and make this horse happy! Cowboy too!

In other news....... Shoe Fair 2010 exclusives available now too! These 2 sets, for HIM & HER, will only be available at this event. May I present to you SYSY's ShoeFairMixUp for THEM!

SYSY's has promised to give more attention to our other halfs and here goes. The ShoeFairMixup for Him includes our most recent release for men - Max Tee (both double and single options) in green, together with Andy Worker Shorts. Full outfit with great value!

The Mix'n'Match set for women includes the gorgeous Lucy sweater, wrapped around with a sculpted sash on the waist. Hanging over simple denim capris, extending into sculpted cuffs, it finishes the look together with the included sculpted scarf.
And finally in OTHER NEWS, seriously now: SYSY's has 7seas fishing in the mainstore! So now you can bring your loved one and fish for goodies, while shopping or simply hanging out. Right now can fish for several prizes, which are 2 squee bikini's in yummy special colors. For the guys the andy workers fatpack (rare catch)! Grab those rods and start fishin'!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Humpday with Sanura

It's wednesday in the first week of August, still quite in the middle of summer, while SYSY's releases another Humpday Happyness item. Sanura Tank is a cropped top in soft vertical straps, decorated with 3 ornamental buttons in the middle of the chest. A tiny pocket finishes the look, ready to be mixed and matched for a nice day out in the garden. The tops are available in 2 seperate packs, 69L$ each, including 4 colors (8 colors total)
limo to SYSY's

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dear Gentlemen...

SYSY's has the great pleasure of releasing another MALE design, Max Shirts. This great casual seperate is a classical v-neck t-shirt, available in 4 deep colors: blue, green, red and darkgrey. Each color comes in 2 versions, of a single or double shirt, with a cute handpainted pocket on the chest.The second option is completed with another T-shirt underneath, in a contrasting color. Each set comes, as always, on all clothing layers.Ladies, it is time for another trip to SYSY's and bring your boys for this treat!