Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shoe Fair and 7seas

Ladies AND gents, have a comfortable seat. This will be one long post, so much awesome news! Starting with an amazing event: Shoe Fair 2010 - on now till august 22. SYSY's is taking part in this event, with it's haybale located along the road on the Ruthenium sim, sponsored by the amazing SLink.

On the haybale you will find SYSY's newly released country YeeeHaw dress sets in two colors: blue and brown. These laid back minidresses come with contrasting plaid socks and sculpted scarf, as always on all clothing layers. Teleport over to the Shoe Fair to view the brown option, and make this horse happy! Cowboy too!

In other news....... Shoe Fair 2010 exclusives available now too! These 2 sets, for HIM & HER, will only be available at this event. May I present to you SYSY's ShoeFairMixUp for THEM!

SYSY's has promised to give more attention to our other halfs and here goes. The ShoeFairMixup for Him includes our most recent release for men - Max Tee (both double and single options) in green, together with Andy Worker Shorts. Full outfit with great value!

The Mix'n'Match set for women includes the gorgeous Lucy sweater, wrapped around with a sculpted sash on the waist. Hanging over simple denim capris, extending into sculpted cuffs, it finishes the look together with the included sculpted scarf.
And finally in OTHER NEWS, seriously now: SYSY's has 7seas fishing in the mainstore! So now you can bring your loved one and fish for goodies, while shopping or simply hanging out. Right now can fish for several prizes, which are 2 squee bikini's in yummy special colors. For the guys the andy workers fatpack (rare catch)! Grab those rods and start fishin'!

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