Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Surprise! Another new release fresh out in the mainstore! And with this one, I went a little nuts. As in, I made so many colorcombinations that I couldn't choose anymore and decided to just do 15 then :) The Bodowa dress, is a two color tight and sexy, yet sophisticated mesh dress suitable for many occasions. As I said they come in 15 colorcombinations: 5 black&colors, 5 whites&colors and 5 aboslutely wicked colorcombinations! SYSY's-VEND-BODOWAposterblacks SYSY's-Poster-Bodowa-Whites SYSY's-Poster-Bodowa-Colorcombis TAXI! I had fun making these, hope you enjoy them! The marketplace listings will be available on Wednesday evening. <3 SySy

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Boutique!

Today, The Boutique, part of a new event company The Liaison Collaborative has opened with a first round of fashion, assecoires, shoes & poses from a group of designers with the theme Cherry Blossom! This all in a nice itimate adorable setting and it will be open untill April the 10th! TLC also has a home & garden monthly event, "The garden" which will kick off April the 15th. My contribution for this exciting first rotation of The Boutique are spring rompers with different kinds of floral ornaments. The springrompers come in 5 colors and standard sizing. Demo's available and only for sale at the current Boutique event! SYSY's-RomperTLCcherryblossom-poster2 Hope to see you at The Boutique! <3 SySy