Monday, May 31, 2010


Hey ladies! (assuming most of you are ladies since I do female wear :P)

Got some exciting things lined up!
First of all, a new outfit with lots of mix and match wearing options. This is what happens when my friends start to play on looklet (RL outfits website) and ask if such and such outfit can be done in SL. I gave it a shot, and here's the result!

Here's a picture of the original:

The set comes in four different color combinations, including the legwarmers, sculpted parts and belt. They are up in the mainstore right now!

Second, Second Style Island is having a 50% off sale on selected stores starting TOMORROW June the 1st, running till June the 7th! Various designers have several items marked down to 50%, ****ONLY On Second Style Island****. My items which are marked 50% off have a sunshine on them, can't miss! Again, ONLY in my sattelite store in the SS sim.

Items on sale:
*Yardena dresses, all separate colors & fatpack
* Aphrodite gowns, all colors
* Tweedy sets, all color sets

Get those discounts in my store at SS Island!

<3 SySy

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ruby Jumpsuits & Humpday Happiness!

Hello everyone!

I've just released a sexy yet comfortable jumpsuit called Ruby :) (Named after my friend RubyStarlight, she makes awesome poses btw, check out her store Exposeur!!! /end friend promo lol)
The Ruby Jumpsuit is made from fabric with a velvety touch, a corset top strapped on the back with a small bow and a flare legged pants. Top and pants come in every layer and there's an optional waistsash and backbow included.
Four colors are available seperately or in a discounted fatpack and for this weeks humpday happiness, you can get the Ruby suit in Aubergine for L$69 only today!

Up in the mainstore :)

<3 SySy

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yardena & humpday happiness!

Hello everyone!

I've just released a new dress with a variety of wearing options: Yardena.
The dress comes with all layers, an optional stole and two types of skirts to wear, one sculpted and flowy, one " regular" if thats more your style.
Yardena is available in 7 colors, pictured in bronze, reddish and dark lavender.

Now here's the good news! I've joined the Humpday Happiness group starting this week, which means that on wednesdays (aiming for every wednesday but dont' pin me down to it!) you will be able to get an item (being it new, special edition or something exlusive) for 69 L$! This is ONLY on wednesdays, and you will find a special vendor in store next to the front desk. I've put it out a bit early since i'm on a different timezone ;) Every week, a notecard will be sent out with the LM's of the participating stores, and there's a whole bunch of them with awesome quality items!
For this week, my first one, i put up the Yardena dress in hotpink at 69 L$ :)

If you wish to join the happy humpday group to get updates every week on every store participating, simply hit the groupjoiner in my store :)

Info and participating stores for this weeks Happy Humpday you will find in the group!

<3 SySy

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lana & SLDD discounts

Hi everyone!

There's a brand new dress out in a style you're not used from me: Lana. The Lana dress is what I call a "Dolly" style dress with a cute laced fluffy skirt, a sleeveless top and lacey assecories such as optional armribbons and a ribbon rope for the neck. As always, Lana comes in all layers possible for easy wearing and a discounted fatpack!

Lana comes in the six colors pictured above, but there's one exclusive color: gold to SLDD members for the month of May :)

*Check out these lovely blogs about this dress too :) Grazia , Berry & Beulah
For more information about Secondlife Daily Deals SLDD, please click the shopper registration board you'll find in my store, or visit their website!

As you know, SLDD offers each month items at discounted prices to the members. This month, I did some fatpacks on sale, from low priced to somewhat higher priced, so there's a little something for everyone.
Currently for the entire month of May, as a SLDD member you will get:

* Chandni tops fatpack (12 colors) - 25% off regular price
* Notche dresses fatpack (6 colors) - 10% off regular price
* Strap bikini's fatpack (5 colors) -10% off regular price

Thats all for now,
<3 SySy