Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yardena & humpday happiness!

Hello everyone!

I've just released a new dress with a variety of wearing options: Yardena.
The dress comes with all layers, an optional stole and two types of skirts to wear, one sculpted and flowy, one " regular" if thats more your style.
Yardena is available in 7 colors, pictured in bronze, reddish and dark lavender.

Now here's the good news! I've joined the Humpday Happiness group starting this week, which means that on wednesdays (aiming for every wednesday but dont' pin me down to it!) you will be able to get an item (being it new, special edition or something exlusive) for 69 L$! This is ONLY on wednesdays, and you will find a special vendor in store next to the front desk. I've put it out a bit early since i'm on a different timezone ;) Every week, a notecard will be sent out with the LM's of the participating stores, and there's a whole bunch of them with awesome quality items!
For this week, my first one, i put up the Yardena dress in hotpink at 69 L$ :)

If you wish to join the happy humpday group to get updates every week on every store participating, simply hit the groupjoiner in my store :)

Info and participating stores for this weeks Happy Humpday you will find in the group!

<3 SySy

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