Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hi people!

Tomorrow July 1, operation Squeegee finally opens! The donation drive will be from July 1 till July 15th, where a group of designers, creators, photographers, musicians, poets, bloggers and volunteers have come together to raise as much funds as possible to donate to the National Wildlife Organisation. To help with the relief efforts of the disastrous Oil spill at the Mexican gulf. For all the info on Operation Squeegee, visit the website!

My contribution are the following items (100% will go to NWO):

But! There's more :) Especially for this event, I teamed up with Chandni Khondji from Hopscotch designs, and together we created the Scuba outfits for both Male and Females! Each set comes with: the scuba outfit in all layers, 4 scuba diving poses, a snorkle and flippers! Two colors for the males, two colors for the ladies :)(50% of the proceeds go to the NWO):

These items are all available at the Squeegee sim, opening July 1!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Elle Humpday, Operation Squeegee!

Hello all,

This weeks humpday happiness item is a new summer dress called Elle. I originally started to make this as a gown, but liked it better as a shorter dress. Not sure if i will ever release these, so grab it now while you can for L$69 ;) For this wednesday only!

SYSY's Mainstore

In other news, and this is something i'm SUPER excited about: Stay tuned for operation Squeegee. This fundraiser will kick off July 1st and is an effort from a combination of designers, creators, bloggers, photographers and volunteers to help raise funds which will go to The National Wildlife Federation. This to try to help in cleaning up that disastrous Oil spill in the mexican gulf. You can find all the info on the event right here on the Squeegee blog.

For a sneak preview of some of the designs which will be created especially for this fundraiser, check out the flickr group (note that new photos are added regularly) :

And last but not least: Sadly i'll be removing some worldcup tanks of countries who are not in the running no more. (YAY Holland is still in :P). I'm gonna add NEW countries who made it through the first round, if you have any particular country request, feel free to drop me a line and i'll add it ;)

Happy wednesday everyone,
<3 SySy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Humpday!

Hey hey!

It's wednesday again this means Humpday Happiness!
This week, you can pick up the brand new Shrugs and Tanks i'm releasing soon, in a black-orange color combination :) Both the tank and the shrug come in seperate multiple layers for mixing and matching :) Sculpted sleeves for the shrug to finish it off, hope you enjoy!

SYSY's Mainstore

Something else new: The Humpday Happiness group now has a blog! Items from participating designers will be placed on tuesday evenings on the blog, so you got a place to go to check out all the goodies!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Worldcup Merchandise!

Hi everyone!

For the football worldcup fans amongst us: I've made some fun merchandise! There are MALE (yes, MALE!!!, ok well unisex but still!) tee's available for the following countries: Spain, Portugal, USA, South Africa, the Netherlands (dohhhhh! :P), Mexico, Korea Rep., Japan, Italy, Ghana, Germany, France, Denmark, Chile, Brazil, Australia, Argentina and England. All shirts are in a neutral beige color, with the representative flag of your country.
The shirts are transferrable for gift giving (or ladies if you wanna buy your man one) and prices are in 25/35 L$ range ;)

For the ladies, i've made fun colored team tank tops, each with the country flag and colors! They come in double layers for easy wearing and are available for the following countries: USA, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Italy, England, Spain, Portugal and South Africa.

Don't see your team/country included and want to have a shirt? Drop me a note and i'll make it on request ;)

ALL worldcup items are (unlike other SYSY's items) transferable so you can gift them to friends!

Enjoy and goodluck to all teams (especially Holland :P)!
<3 SySy

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Humpday Happiness time again!

Hi sweeties!

For this weeks Humpday Happiness I have my new release up, and not one but two of them! Celebrate summer and get the Summer dress in red tones or blues for 69L$ :) Up in the mainstore right now (here in Europe its late, so it's wednesday and a girl gotta sleep sometime :p) and for the duration of wednesday till midnight!


Other humpday items flickr page (items still added!)

<3 SySy

Monday, June 7, 2010


Goodday everyone!

A brand new summer dress is out, with the name: Summer! LOL
Summer is a cute strapless dress with ruffled layers and comes in six color combinations. The attachements attach to three different points so it moves best with your ao & dancing and such. Top and glitch pants come in all layers as always! Seperately available or in a discounted fatpack :)

Taxi to mainstore

<3 SySy

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Humpday Happiness

Hi everyone!

It's wednesday again...this means Humpday Happiness! This weeks L$69 items are two special recolors i did of the Merle Dress.
Lavenderfields and Pink and green fresh summer colors! Each are up for L$69 only for today.....

Up in the mainstore!

This weeks other participants:

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Happy Wednesday!
<3 SySy