Sunday, June 13, 2010

Worldcup Merchandise!

Hi everyone!

For the football worldcup fans amongst us: I've made some fun merchandise! There are MALE (yes, MALE!!!, ok well unisex but still!) tee's available for the following countries: Spain, Portugal, USA, South Africa, the Netherlands (dohhhhh! :P), Mexico, Korea Rep., Japan, Italy, Ghana, Germany, France, Denmark, Chile, Brazil, Australia, Argentina and England. All shirts are in a neutral beige color, with the representative flag of your country.
The shirts are transferrable for gift giving (or ladies if you wanna buy your man one) and prices are in 25/35 L$ range ;)

For the ladies, i've made fun colored team tank tops, each with the country flag and colors! They come in double layers for easy wearing and are available for the following countries: USA, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Italy, England, Spain, Portugal and South Africa.

Don't see your team/country included and want to have a shirt? Drop me a note and i'll make it on request ;)

ALL worldcup items are (unlike other SYSY's items) transferable so you can gift them to friends!

Enjoy and goodluck to all teams (especially Holland :P)!
<3 SySy

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