Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SySy's New Releases!

"Just before the death of flowers,
And before they are buried in snow,
There comes a festival season
When nature is all aglow."

Author Unknown

Personally for me, nothing says fall better then dark, rich colors and beautiful thick fabrics. First cold chill I feel in early fall and I am in my closet digging for cozy clothes to wrap myself in and I am not any different in SL. While my av might not get cold, I can pretend, right? Well, SySy has me covered.

Tweedy Les 5 gorgeous rich colors. Mmm...I want them all in real life. The skirt is short enough for those days that it isn't really cool yet but still cozy ready for a slight chill. The turtleneck, omg. I love it.

Next up is her Hope gown in a deep, rich violet color. It was originally made for the winners of a Sxy2nd fishing contest last weekend, but now the dress is available in her main store.

Sexy, draped, one shoulder bare and a deep delicious violet color. Perfect for those autumn formal events!

Tp and wrap yourself up in some fall yumminess.

xo - Sophia Harlow

SySy's New Wedding Dress - Laetitia

For the last few weeks, SySy has been very busy and each time that I have seen her, she has been wearing various parts of a wedding dress. I got to the point where I didn't ask questions and just accepted her for the little weirdo she is while I wait for her to finish up whatever she is working on.

As days passed, she would send me pictures of the dress and I was starting to really look forward to seeing more and more of it.

Her close friend, Laetitia, that she made the dress for fell so in love with it, that she demanded SySy sell it in her store. I for one am grateful because it is a thing of beauty. The dress is 66 sculpted prims and SySy's most complicated work thus far.

The picture doesn't do it justice. Not at all. The gown is just gorgeous. You can see it for yourself at her main store and also at Styles of Edo.

Next to the dress, there is an info button which you can click to receive a note card with some important information about the dress to help you decide.

Sigh, now if only I could talk Sky into marrying me all over again so I can wear this someplace else other then on the beach. --- there is your ride to see the gown for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

xo - Soph

Monday, September 21, 2009

HOPE against content theft

As i'm sure many of you have read and/or heard by now, Rebel Hope and her partners were the victim of the most horrible case of content theft i have experienced in my nearly three years in SL. Many blogs reported on this: SCD, SCD II, and after reading Caj's blog i decided i wanted to do my own piece as well. Let me show you one of my favorite pieces of Rebel's creations: The Kate dress in fire!

So, what can YOU do you ask to help fighting content theft? ALOT! In this particular case, we all strongly encourage you to go shop in Rebels store to show her some support, plus its a treat to yourself because her items ROCK. I remember Rebel was one of the first stores in SL i shopped at when i was a noob and had enough campingmoney to buy something *lol*. I even met her three years ago, and asked her in all my innocent Noob-ness how to make clothes. LMAO I'm not sure if she remembers this, but she was all friendly pointing me to all kinds of tutorials etc. ;) Anyway, here is a TAXI to Rebel Hope's store!

Here are a few simple things you as the customer can do to help ANY content creator.* REPORT stolen content! If you see something which you reconize is clearly the work of a creator, but being sold by any other idividual (especially when their name show up as a creator!) please do the following: 1. REPORT it to the original creator/designer. 2. REPORT it to LL asap! Many (if not all) designers will be very gratefull if you do so, since you are saving them from possible harm to their business.
* Obviously do NOT buy any content of which you're not sure if its liable. Many of such items are available on, so keep your eyes open and use a healthy mind ;)
Doing these two simple things, would mean ALOT to all of us :)

Now, there's ALOT to be said and at the moment of this writing, there's a lot of planning being done to launch a big campaign on this topic. You will hear LOTS more about this topic. What has happened yesterday affects us ALL.

Blogposts reviewing and related to RH:
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* Ersatz Charisma for Rezzable
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* Nevar Lobo

Feel free if you have any idea's/contributions/plans to share on how we best can fight content theft to contact me or anyone you see fit! Enough is enough and what happened yesterday was about the final blow for many. Time to stand up and DO SOMETHING about this!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

SySy's New Wool Wrap Sets!

Happy Saturday!!

Well, SySy is a girl who loves options. Lots of them. Sooo...her awesome new release is full of them!

New autumn stuff - Wool wrap sets!

The wool wrap sets are available as a complete set, but also perfect to mix and match with each other or other items. They come in four colors and include every layer possible. The complete sets include: Wool pants with sculpted leg attachments in all layers, wool wrap top with sculpted sleeves and an adorable side bow tie in all layers, an optional tank top to wear either separate or below the wrap top in all layers.

You can purchase them separately, fat pack for the complete set, or buy tank tops separate or even in fat packs. that? The four gorgeous colors are; charcoal, brown, aubergine, and blue. I mentioned she likes options, right? Call me a bit biased but I haven't taken them off since she dropped them on me a few days ago. They are very yummy!

Here is your ride to SySy's! You won't regret it!!!

xo - Soph Harlow

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthday: Gifttime!

Weeeeeeee! It's my RL bday today (here in Europe its after midnight!) and so i made a fun little pink cake type dress as a little gift to you all :D Available only today September 10th to celebrate!
The new mainstore build as you can see isn't fully decorated yet, but so far everything works and is functional!
Since in SL I cannot treat you all on cake, i actually made a cake dress, sorta XD.

Here's the funky dress i created:

Now wow! I decided to let you all know about my bday and have a little fun and all, and i guess i'm an closet attention-whore but OMG the responce is insane! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH <3~! I seriously think i have a record on IM's, notecard, wishes etc. today lol lol~!

Here's your taxi to the (dress) cake!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

SySy's New Release!! HopeV..2

What is long, has a tight fitting bodice that flows into a gorgeous skirt, has one bare shoulder, is gathered at the waist and simply gorgeous?

Well...a new dress from SySy's!

Introducing Hope V.2!!!

Hope V.2 is a new and updated version of the original Hope which was a huge seller and many were asking for it in different SySy decided to grant the wish AND made the original EVEN BETTER!!!

You can purchase this beauty in deep cherry, chocolate or emerald....or if you are like me and can never all three!

They are in the mainstore in the new release hurry...go make yourself even more gorgeous in some Hopev.2!


Sophia Harlow