Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthday: Gifttime!

Weeeeeeee! It's my RL bday today (here in Europe its after midnight!) and so i made a fun little pink cake type dress as a little gift to you all :D Available only today September 10th to celebrate!
The new mainstore build as you can see isn't fully decorated yet, but so far everything works and is functional!
Since in SL I cannot treat you all on cake, i actually made a cake dress, sorta XD.

Here's the funky dress i created:

Now wow! I decided to let you all know about my bday and have a little fun and all, and i guess i'm an closet attention-whore but OMG the responce is insane! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH <3~! I seriously think i have a record on IM's, notecard, wishes etc. today lol lol~!

Here's your taxi to the (dress) cake!

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