Thursday, March 26, 2009

RFL pt. 2

Wow, i was so busy with the clothing fair and other RFL activities, my RL and such that I didn't blog for a while!
But here's my promised RFL items post part two :)
To start with I've added two limited editions of the Noa dress only for relay. They come in black/pink or black/red combinations and will only be available in the RFL vendors for the period of the campaign!

Find these at my mainstore!
Here's some other interesting finds I have from RFL vendors across the grid:

Wearing: Leezu! Audrey flexi dress RFL/blue

Wearing: Lemania Indigo 's Narcissus gown with shoes RFL

And this last one is just for show off purposes *hehe* at the RFL clothing fair auctions I had the highest winning bid for Moxie Polano's wonderfull one of a kind "Sloth" gown. This beauty raised 60000 L$ for RFL!

^^ It's so purrrrdy :D
Stay tuned for more RFL posts like this and keep an eye on our United Forces team blog aswell where Morgan Kincess and I will be blogging more wonderfull donated items!

<3 SySy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Relay for life pt. 1

Lolita Nomura shot this gorgeous pic of me wearing my RFL 2009vHope gown at the Clothing fair <3 Check out her stream for fashionshow and more lovely shots of the RFL clothing fair at her flickr stream!

Yay! Raising some serious $$$ for RFL!! As you all know the clothing fair by the relay raiders team is is full effect and there's soooo many gorgeous items you can buy with 100% of the proceeds going to the ACS. Not only at the clothing fair, but also other teams and stores are setting their vendors with their exclusive items all over the grid. I'm personally supporting & sort of co captaining the United forces against Cancer team & the Relay Raiders @ the clothing fair. But in the end everything lands at the same goal: the ACS. (i strongly suggest some seriously misinformed folks to read that website with facts.) I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorites so far! I'll do a series of posts so i can show as much as possible, this being part 1 :)

Wearing: *Staged* RFL2009 Goddess Gown & Alienbear's RFL2009 Kielo special necklace and earrings

Wearing: {Zaara}'s Inka Jacket RFL pink, Maitreya's Banksy Monkey yellow shirt & boots and tricorn hat from Smooth Design's Pirate Katie outfit, skirt from Pixel Passion's blackwater RFL outfit

Wearing: Mischief's Past Life Pirate outfit, Digital Eyes Asian dance fans black writing & Adam & Eve's Limited Edition Pashima RFL pink scarf

Wearing: Sam's Secret boutique Escaping from Pirates dress in berry & Studio Sihde flower bangle RFL

And last (for this post) but definately not least:

Wearing: Ivalde's Latana RFL dress & Nicky Ree's Glamour boa in white
So far my favorite items designed for RFL this year. I got TONS and TONS more, will make more posts like this :) Ofcourse you can find many of the above designers at the clothing fair, however not all of them are in there so the links will take you to their mainstores where you'll find the RFL items aswell (for those not in the clothing fair).

Untill there is a cure,
<3 SySy

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready? Set? GO!!!!!

A little more then an hour and the clothing fair is open!!! I either drank too much coffee or am hyper hyper excited or both but i can't wait :D
At the fair you'll find over 170 (!) designers who all offer their latest releases plus more importantly, their RFL special designs! Come on over and donate donate donate :D
You'll find SySy's in sim #5 The Gift of Life where you can get the two specially designed RFL gowns, the latest releases and the exclusively designed for this occasion L$1 Faith gown as a gift:

sim #5 The Gift of Life has the following designers:

Bewitched Designs Wiccan Sojourner
Adored Clothing and Hair AmySue Shirakawa
Apple May Designs Apple May
Riddle Chrystina Noel
Desirae Designs Kim Seifert
Adam n Eve sachi Vixen
Je táime Mascha Boa
LeeZu Baxter Designs LeeZu Baxter
FUKUNEKO neko Harrop
Haven Designs Delora Starbrook
Kouse's Sanctum Kouse Singh
VR Foundry Vivian Rail
Couture by Cat Catriana Ninetails
azul Mami Jewell
SYSY's SySy Chapman
Goth1c0 Keishii Roo
WorthWhile by Random Calliope Random Calliope
.+*Cipher*+. Cipher Ivory
Freesoul Designs Steffi Villota
Ivalde Neferia Abel
Truth Truth Hawks

See you there!!!
<3 SySy

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Noa, Teiya & the Clothing fair!

Ok before anything else, i added this nifty "who's here" thingy on my blog to see who's visiting...and ehmm i just looked and all i see is a monkey ROTFL! Check him out hahahaha! But that aside....I'm here to show you my brand new Noa dresses which will be released tomorrow at the Clothing Fair! You will find my store there in SIM #5, kindly donated by Ohana Land.
Not only will you find my RFL exclusive gowns there, but also the brand new Noa dresses :) Noa is a tight two tone colored dress casually chique i'd like to call it with the option of wearing it with a sash, or with a sash with a back train added to add some glam glam! Noa comes in all layers, sash, sash with train, systemskirt and five different colors. Available starting tomorrow at the fair!

I've also just released the Teiya babydoll satin summer dresses! These are available in the mainstore right now :) Teiya is a satin flary elegant fun summer dress with a halterneck. Teiya comes in all layers and 3 flexi attachements for the layered look. Five fresh colors are available!

There's one more gown i haven't showed, which is the specially designed Faith gown as a gift at the clothing fair. Gonna post that tomorrow :P!
Everyone have a BLAST at the fair and DONATE DONATE DONATE!!!

<3 SySy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

RFL Clothing Fair!

Psssst its that time again! March 16 - March 22 The Relay For Life Clothing Fair. I'm proud and happy to be a part of this amazing event for this incredible so much needed cause.

Over 170 Clothing Designers - 9 total Sims - Entertainment, Live music and DJs will keep you entertained around the clock. - Silent Auction with all proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society Relay For Life campaign - 4 Fashion Shows hosted by Timeless Modeling Agency - Treasure Hunt and more!

I've designed two special gowns for RFL this year, which will be only sold in these colors and ofcourse all proceeds will go to the ACS.
Here's a preview of them:

These gowns will be available at the clothing fair at March 16!
I will be releasing two new outfits in several color combinations aswell and let me tell you, the one of a kind silent auction gowns are jaw-dropping gorgeous!
Sneak peak? Right here in SL newspaper ;)

One world, one hope!!!
<3 SySy

Monday, March 9, 2009

Empire and Nefalde!

Hi people!

I'm crazy busy with the RFL clothing fair and getting everything ready, so I'm just gonna shortly post the new releases with pictures and not blabla too much this time LOL. So there's two new dresses out!
First off: the Empire gowns. The Empire dress is a long elegant empire dress which reminds somewhat of the rennisance. (< I spelt that wrong, right? lol) The top has open shoulders with armdrapery, flexible semi sheer sleeves kind of medieval looking and a long lean empire waist gown. Comes with all layers and five sweet and soft colors:

(find these on the left side of the mainstore, OR upstairs as i'm slowly moving all formals and gowns to the second floor)

And just out: Nefalde Vintage dresses!
I called it Nefalde as a tribute to Neferia from Ivalde, not only is she a sweetheart but her designs are amazing me. You could see this dress as the Vintage i created for the AIFW, only its more detailed, added prims on the bottom, added a shrug/bolero to wear with it and sculpted sleeves. All layers are available ofcourse. Nefalde comes in three colors:

All up in the mainstore now :)
<3 SySy

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dezi gowns!

Goodmorning :)

I've been a bad blogger lately, trying to keep up with all things happening, designing for upcoming Relay For life, ofcourse the RFL clothing fair, the rezzable events and the Designer Fashion Challenge. Wheew, I'll keep you all posted on whats going on with that ;)
For now, here's the new gowns i made and named after my sweet friend Dezi Jarvinen. The gowns are elegant and silky, come in all layers and five different colors. All handdrawn and beaded with tiny little shimmering beads on the top.

You'll find these gowns on the left wing of the mainstore.

Also new but forgot to blog last week: Sy Style v.2! I called it Sy Style v.2 cause this is like the v.1 (ages ago!) something i would wear in RL (ok, ok with less bewbage showing lol)
This outfit is very versatile and easy to mix and match with other items. It comes in all available layers, flexi cardigan prims, sculpted and flexi sleeves, a waistband and a resizable hairband (scripted and unscripted).
The set comes in three colors, but i'm also offering a discounted fatpack again since it occurs to me yall love fatpacks :D For this particular outfit its nice to mix the colors up a bit :)

That's it for now, i'm back to the drawing table and i'm actually designing some assecoiries and jewelry :D
Take care all,
<3 SySy