Sunday, March 15, 2009

Noa, Teiya & the Clothing fair!

Ok before anything else, i added this nifty "who's here" thingy on my blog to see who's visiting...and ehmm i just looked and all i see is a monkey ROTFL! Check him out hahahaha! But that aside....I'm here to show you my brand new Noa dresses which will be released tomorrow at the Clothing Fair! You will find my store there in SIM #5, kindly donated by Ohana Land.
Not only will you find my RFL exclusive gowns there, but also the brand new Noa dresses :) Noa is a tight two tone colored dress casually chique i'd like to call it with the option of wearing it with a sash, or with a sash with a back train added to add some glam glam! Noa comes in all layers, sash, sash with train, systemskirt and five different colors. Available starting tomorrow at the fair!

I've also just released the Teiya babydoll satin summer dresses! These are available in the mainstore right now :) Teiya is a satin flary elegant fun summer dress with a halterneck. Teiya comes in all layers and 3 flexi attachements for the layered look. Five fresh colors are available!

There's one more gown i haven't showed, which is the specially designed Faith gown as a gift at the clothing fair. Gonna post that tomorrow :P!
Everyone have a BLAST at the fair and DONATE DONATE DONATE!!!

<3 SySy

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