Saturday, July 31, 2010

Joelle dress release

Hey everybody! The countdown is finally over. The gorgeous Joelle dress is now released in 6 lively colors: lavender, natural, ocean, orange, violet and rose. While looking soft as a breeze in the daylight, you will make a nymph jealous of the glowy fabrics shining in the moonlight. The new colors are the essence of a sunset, so still quite in time for the summer voyages to somewhere exotic. Twirl under the palms in SYSY's new dress, while sweet Sysy Chapman works on a release for your gents. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Gatcha Gatcha!

Hi sweeties!

I'm sure most of you have heard about the Gatcha! Festival going on right now in the Albero and Cioccolatta area's. I'm joining as a guest designer and got some special goodies made for this :)

The Gatcha! Tops :) They come in 5 colors, 30L$ a play. You'll get a random color per play. All these items are transfer, so if you get doubles no worries! You can trade/give away the items, there's even special trading parties!
Also, i've put in a rare item, which means this is a tad bit harder to get. Though so far i've heard alot of feedback of customers who were able to get the dress fairly fast.

These items are made especially for this event, and will never go on sale after. Also they are ONLY available at the festival! Taxi?

You'll find some amazing designers items at the festival, I know i've been myself already 3 times and will definately visit more hehe. Goodluck everyone and enjoy!

<3 SySy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Humpday pre-release Joella

Sysy Chapman unveils another upcoming new release this wednesday, offering a sneak-peak color of her new design - Joella, to the Humpday Happyness shoppers. This very feminine soft-pink dress will embrace you in cherry blossoms, draping it's glowy fabrics down your body. With the thin straps Joella compliments the shoulders, while the under bustline sash accents the beautifully exposed cleavenge. More colors to come, while you can enjoy this exclusive preview for 69L$.

Friday, July 23, 2010

RuffleTops new release

You've seen it on humpday, now it comes on full power!
Available in 6 sandy colours, pictured here in bronze-blue.
"Feel the inner power within you, when you wear this seperate on any adventure."- Previously blogged on 6th July preview, now also available in other colors: black, peaches-blue, olive-teal, orange-teal and pink-blue. A true summery touch to your wardrobe.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

69 Humpday Happyness - Ayla Bikinis

The sun will joyfully smooch your skin in SYSY's Ayla bikinis, a finally released 69L$ Humpday Happyness exclusive. This strapless swimsuit comes in 4 yummy tones, sprinkled with cute little dots. That soft hint of leopard spots gives a sharp claw to this innocent set. You sure know, what to do with such sparkly colours! Glam them up ;-)

P.S. The bum looks amazing in those bottoms :o

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Like every year, Sysy Chapman participates in a big charity event called Relay for Life. She has once again submitted a couple of unique exclusives you may already have seen in the store. By purchasing one of them for the minimal suggested amount of L$ OR MORE you help us raise money for the American Cancer Society. Come to the RFL sim and take a look at all the goodies the designers from our team donated for this campaign. Pick up a gorgeous dollarbie (1$L - only available this weekend!!) and make a donation to the kiosk (see below), even 5L$ will do! We can make a difference!

All the other outfits :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Do you celebrate or have celebrated the World Cup 2010? We did! Sysy has made a special gift for all the supporters of our new Champion - Spain! You should have seen how nervewrecking this period was for her aswell, haha. Pick up your copy at the SYSY's mainstore and wear with pride as new hopes are born for 2014.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello everyone, this is my first post and I already come up with a special - for tomorrow ;)
What's a humpday without a bling of cuteness from SYSY's? A gorgeous exclusive pre-release in 2 tones awaits you this week for 69L$, while you roll through the rest of it in the sun. This two opposite top layers combination - stitched across into one two-colored tank, will bring the desired cooling shiver into your closet. The bottom rufle leads an inviting trace over your hips, that he won't let go. A sneak peak of what's yet to come. It's waiting for you in the store. I worn it on a windy day. :)
SYSY's RufleTop2tones 69L$ Humpday 2

Introducing Lolita!

Hi sweeties!

Just a short note from me to let you all know that I've hired the lovely Lolita Nomura to help me out with blogging and writing and all that jazz. She's my PR saviour so from now on you will also hear from her! This is Loli:

And *THIS* is Loli too, with her sweetheart (she gunna kill meh):

As you can see ^^ she can make my clothes look really briljant! ;)
Anyway, welcome aboard Lolita and stay tuned for Humpday Happiness in a couple of hours!

<3 SySy

Sunday, July 4, 2010

MALE releases @ SYSY's :)

Good evening everyone, and to all the USA friends: HAPPY 4th of July!

I have exciting news: I've just released my first (since a very very long time) MALE items! Thats right, from now on you will find some male clothing aswell :)
For starters, i've made casual worker shorts/bermuda's. They come with sculpted pockets, sculpted legattachements and in six different colors. Available seperatly or in a discounted fatpack! So ladies? Drag your men to SYSY's hehehehe!

*Pictured are the colors cream and sand, other colors are: black, navy, natural and white. Hope you manfolk enjoy it!

And, because it's the 4th of July and the USA celebrates independance day, i've got some requests to re-release my bikini i did back in 2008 (..!). Oldie but goodie? It's up for FREE at my mainstore :)

Taxi to SYSY's

One last note: All items at SYSY's are copy/modify/NO transfer as most of you know. So ladies if you would like to shop for your men, you can do so by gifting them a giftcard, or simply bring them along. If you want it to be send as a present, drop me a note and I will take care of it.

<3 SySy