Sunday, July 4, 2010

MALE releases @ SYSY's :)

Good evening everyone, and to all the USA friends: HAPPY 4th of July!

I have exciting news: I've just released my first (since a very very long time) MALE items! Thats right, from now on you will find some male clothing aswell :)
For starters, i've made casual worker shorts/bermuda's. They come with sculpted pockets, sculpted legattachements and in six different colors. Available seperatly or in a discounted fatpack! So ladies? Drag your men to SYSY's hehehehe!

*Pictured are the colors cream and sand, other colors are: black, navy, natural and white. Hope you manfolk enjoy it!

And, because it's the 4th of July and the USA celebrates independance day, i've got some requests to re-release my bikini i did back in 2008 (..!). Oldie but goodie? It's up for FREE at my mainstore :)

Taxi to SYSY's

One last note: All items at SYSY's are copy/modify/NO transfer as most of you know. So ladies if you would like to shop for your men, you can do so by gifting them a giftcard, or simply bring them along. If you want it to be send as a present, drop me a note and I will take care of it.

<3 SySy

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