Friday, November 20, 2009

Luna Jackets

Hi everyone :)

Here to tell you about a new separate for your autumn/winter collection: the Luna Jacket. (yep named after Luna Jubilee hehe) cause she's a sweetheart <3

The Luna Jacket is a stylish tight fitting jacket with an Oriental hint to it. It comes with a sculpted collar and sleeves and in five different colors in several layers.

Pictured in rust:

Other colors: bronze, black, navy and aubergine.
Hope you enjoy! Taxi here :)

<3 SySy

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winterstock Fashionshow

Hi sweeties! I want to invite you all to come see the lovely fahionshow Nadia Felwitch has put together to show you some of the awesome creations of the vendors in the Winterstock sim! At 11 AM SLT (thats soon!!) you'll be able to see the designs of Artilleri, Spork, Callie Cline, Musashi Do, Rebel Hope just to name a few! My own designs are in the show aswell. Hope to see you there!

Your limo (or actually a Rudolph the rednosed raindeer ride) to Winterstock!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Hey there!

As many of your may have heard by now, the Merry Christmas sim has opened its doors yesterday with a BANG! A sim full of top designers offering various items, fashion and many winter/christmas outfits amongst others. I released scarfs and socks in my store at the Christmas sim, you will find these ONLY there for now. Also, there's a nice gift waiting for you there under the tree ;)

The scarfs are available separate or in a fatpack, L$75 each :) To add some glam glam to this all, i released two brand new gowns: Noelle. Designed with Christmas in mind but they are suitable for any formal type of event. They come (for now) in two Christmassy colors: Ice and Fire. Noelle has all the layers and can be worn in various ways, with the "fishtail"skirt or with a lean skirt. Also you get two types of sash to choose from: a regular one or one with a festive bow on the back. These are available both in my mainstore and at the Merry Christmas Winterstocking store!

Who's that gorgeous skin from in the ICE picture you ask? Let me tell you to expect that REAL soon coming from Staged ;)

<3 SySy

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Content theft: Step up!

So I logged in today, thinking "F.CK! it's Nov. 5th!!!", realizing i completely didn't prepare anything to support the campaigns of Step Up or the Artists Voice against content theft today.

There is much discussion going on about this topic, which is IMO a good thing, because the ultimate goal of this all is to make people AWARE of content theft. After some thinking and talking to several people, I decided to keep business going as usual and leave the decission up to my customers if they want to shop. While i do agree that *something* has to be done in order to achieve change, I'm not sure if this is the way to do so. However i applaud the initiative and the support people are willing to give for this cause, because if we don't do anything, NOTHING will ever change. So my focus will be on awareness, and there are some great blogposts written today which will be helpful to many residents around the grid.

Tutorial: Who is the creator - from Fab. Free Read what you can do to reconize original creators and see if the content you got is legit.

I stepped down - from Sasy Scarborough <3 Sasy Scarborough's moving blogpost on the issue, hear from her what it feels like to have to deal with this on a daily basis.

Opinions of several content creators - from Achariya Read the opinions of content creators around the grid.

Ok, now that i have this off my chest, it's back to daily business for me. Today is the opening of the Merry Christmas sim and you can expect a blogpost soon with gifts and new releases there!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kaunis is here :)

Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

There's a new release waiting for you in the mainstore:
Kaunis highwaisted skirts & short combination. It's a separate which again is easy to mix and match with other things. Kaunis comes in all layers and has the option to wear it as a highwaisted short pants with belt or with a flexi sassy prim skirt. Five colors are available or a highly discounted fatpack :)
I had some fun playing photographer and had Lolita posing with me to show you some of the colors.

Hope you enjoy!
<3 SySy