Thursday, November 5, 2009

Content theft: Step up!

So I logged in today, thinking "F.CK! it's Nov. 5th!!!", realizing i completely didn't prepare anything to support the campaigns of Step Up or the Artists Voice against content theft today.

There is much discussion going on about this topic, which is IMO a good thing, because the ultimate goal of this all is to make people AWARE of content theft. After some thinking and talking to several people, I decided to keep business going as usual and leave the decission up to my customers if they want to shop. While i do agree that *something* has to be done in order to achieve change, I'm not sure if this is the way to do so. However i applaud the initiative and the support people are willing to give for this cause, because if we don't do anything, NOTHING will ever change. So my focus will be on awareness, and there are some great blogposts written today which will be helpful to many residents around the grid.

Tutorial: Who is the creator - from Fab. Free Read what you can do to reconize original creators and see if the content you got is legit.

I stepped down - from Sasy Scarborough <3 Sasy Scarborough's moving blogpost on the issue, hear from her what it feels like to have to deal with this on a daily basis.

Opinions of several content creators - from Achariya Read the opinions of content creators around the grid.

Ok, now that i have this off my chest, it's back to daily business for me. Today is the opening of the Merry Christmas sim and you can expect a blogpost soon with gifts and new releases there!


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