Friday, December 19, 2014

Giftcards on SALE!!!!!

Hi guys!!

A reminder that there's 24 hours left on the 50% giftcards sale at the SYSY's mainstore!
A perfect time for your secret santa's, your boy or girlfriends, your friends, or simply for yourself to be able to shop everything SYSY's for 50% off!
You can choose from 5 denominations:

250L$ --- will get you a 500L$ giftcard value
500L$ --- 1000L$
1000L$ -- 2000L$
2000L$ -- 4000 L$
5000L$ -- 10.000 L$


As a side note, but maybe nice to know: I will be donating all proceeds made from this sale to the Dutch Red Cross. If you're interesting in reading more about that, I did a blog post here

A second reminder: the FREE christmas sweater dress is also still up in the mainstore, so snag that up while you're at it!


Happy Holidays eveyone!
// SySy

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hands Off our Girls!!! Serious Request 2014

Hi guys, your attention please for something important, at least to me ;)

Here is some information on a charity donation drive dear to my heart, Serious Request! SYSY's is a proud sponsor of this Dutch Tradition, and by bidding on my exclusively colored Auction items you're supporting too! Each and every donation is appreciated, feel free to donate in the Donation box aswell :) You can donate both in my mainstore, or at the Glasshouse Serious Request venue. (LM is included below) Since this is a typical Dutch event, here's an English explaination of what it is all about, both in RL and in SL. The items up for auction will be posted in the next post!
Thank you again,
// SySy Chapman

So, what *IS* this Serious Request thing?

Serious Request is a Dutch tradition in RL, where 3 popular national radio DJ's will lock themselves up in a glass house, with lots of media attention to collect money for a chosen charity each year. It is held the week before Christmas.

3FM Serious Request in REAL LIFE

Together with Radio 3FM (a popular national Dutch Radio station, website included below),  the Red Cross yearly combine their efforts to get help for these silent disasters.
In the week before Christmas DJ’s of radio 3FM will lock themselves inside a glass house and broadcast for 6 straight days, these days they do not eat, but just live on vegetable smoothies.
You can pay them to play your requests, that money will be used for the fund raiser.
Last year, they raised € 12.302.747,-   euros (that is roughly 15 millon US Dollars) towards relief efforts against baby & deaths due to diahrea (mostly because of no clean drinking water). Not bad for a country with a population of 16 million people, eh? :)
This year the glass house will be in the town of Haarlem (Netherlands).

The theme this year is "Hands off our girls". All proceeds of this donation drive this year will be going to the Red Cross, who is helping young women and even children who were the victims of sexual assaults, sex trafficing who are severely traumatized. The Red Cross will make an effort to help these women build up their lives again with any help they need.

What is Serious Request 2014 doing in Second Life?

The SL version of Serious Request is starting a week earlier then the RL one. On Saturday December 13th 22.00 Central European time, the fund raiser will start.
The whole week 24/7 there will be music, played by a wonderfull team of live djs, which like in the RL Serious Request, you pay to let him/her play your request.
There will be live artists and surprise quests. Also little actions and auctions will be there.
Our fund raiser will end on Sunday December 21th 00.00 Central European time.
That same moment the raised money ( lindens converted to Euros) will be transferred to the RL Glass House in Haarlem. (There will be a site which will provide the details and verifications that the money indeed is transferred )
We ( the SL crew) were on national television before when we went over there to hand over the cheque with the raised money.
Last year we raised over a million and a half lindens (see included picture) and we hope to get over the amount we had last year. But we need all your help.

Each and every donation is appreciated, plus if you come by the glass house in SL, you're in for a good time! I myself (SySy) will be there as much as I can, dancing, chatting away, donating and just having a blast, like previous years. I would love for you to come visit us!

Here are all the important links and LM's:
Limburg Live: Serious Request 2014 SecondLive Venue in world
The RL Serious Request 2014 website (Dutch)
The SL Serious Request 2014 website (Dutch, music playing!)