Thursday, November 27, 2008

New lucky chair sweater

Hi everyone, short blog post as i'm cleaning my inventory (yes thats right..its HORROR in there, i feel very sorry for myself as i have to clean this mess out :(((() but I want to let you all know about the short sweater i made specially for the Lucky Chair. Some good old Chair hopping guys! :D The sweater comes in two layers with sculpted sleeves and a cowlneck. Hope you enjoy!

SySy's Mainstore

London Suits & Plurk

I finally gots a plurk, couldn't resist no more :P

But I'm here for the new releases :) I've made a pantsuit, but not one like the classic one. This one is a lil funky with striped pants and sexy open jacket. They come in three colors and each set has all layers plus leg and sleeve sculptie attachements :) Hope you enjoy!

Mainstore Taxi
<3 SySy

Friday, November 21, 2008


Short post just to tell you about the new outfits: Sayang sets :)
The Sayang sets come in three different colors and each pack contains a black pants with sculpted leg attachements, a colorfull top in all layers, sculpted and flexi transperant long sleeves and an optional sculpted sash.

Up in the mainstore, working on xstreet and onerez listings ;)

I also wanna shortly let you know whats coming up soon, as i'm crazy crazy busy with these events. It's fun though!

December: Expect christmas presents, Vanity Fair Winter Fairy tale expo, Fashion inspired by Black Swan, Stylista Event for Make a Wish, Voodoo Voque models Fashionshow and more. And thats December alone, January will be filled with exciting events and much new fashion too!
Details follow soon ;)

^^ Because you can see i'm awefully busy, the time has come for me to finaly get some assistance for my business. I'm currently looking for someone to be my storemanager/assistant/pr-person/mental coach/punchbag/listening-to-my-whining type of person *ROTFL* , seriously though, I'm hiring an assistant very soon, and all details will be posted ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fabulous Fashion with Angie :)

Hi everyone!

Wow, that was a great experience :) Yesterday I got interviewed together with the guys of KMadd at the Fabulous Fashion weekly show with Angie Mornington. We had a blast~! To watch the episode, click here :)
Thank you to Ana Lutetia, Wenadrenia Soderstrom, BlackDahlia Rodenberger, Bourbon Zenovka and Krystanna Wycliffe for doing an awesome modeling job!

Angie Mornington, Paisley Beebe, Yxes Delacroix and the entire production team you guys all rock <3
Anyway, back to designing LOLLLL
t/c SySy

Update: Bourbon wrote a lovely lovely piece on her blog right here :) <3

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fabulous Fashion and all that

Ellow :)

Sharing the newest outfits here, starting with the Amber dress sets. These dresses are sexy, cute, simple and elegant :) Completed with a sculpted scarf for a more comfortable look. They come in all layers and three different colors:

Also i've made strapless corset-style tops, in five vibrant colors available in a fatpack in what will be my new mix 'n match collection :) These pieces will be easy to mix and match with eachother, next up are pants i'm still working on ;)

Mainstore taxi

I want to thank all of you SO much for donating by purchasing the limited edition warchild gown to Warchild! I decided to keep up the gown one week longer, untill saturday. Donation total is 24750 L$ so far, which is wonderfull, but i'm going for more! *hint hint* LMAO. Seriously though, read more about Warchild and what it does here if you're interested and if you can toss some lindens for this cause ;)

Last but not least...gheghe...keep an eye on Fabulous Fashion this week ;) Imma be on and i'm nervous as hell! But it's super super exciting and the awesomest models in the world are joining me :D
Maybe see you there, and other untill next time,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Newness :)

Goodevening all!

Can you believe I actually forgot to post my latest releases? Gosh i've been busy both in my RL job and in SL. But it's all amazingly fun especially the SL projects i'm involved in at the moment. There's sooo much exciting stuff coming up, which I will blog about soon!!

So whats new? Two new sets, both come in two colors. The Java gown is a slim long evening gown with damasque fabric top and velvet skirt. Very simple yet elegant looking, perfect to match with dramatic asseciories :) In blue and rozes:

And the Unique sets (named after my friend Unique Monsoo), casual sets with pants and blouse, finished with sculpted sleeves and leg attachements. The blouse can we worn tucked or untucked :) Two color combinations:

Quick Tp to the mainstore here :) I also like to mention that one of these days i'll remove all my items from my old sim, so if you haven't updated your LM's yet please do so, as at the end of the month the old sim won't be available no more ;)
Thanks everyone and have a great evening!
<3 SySy

Sunday, November 9, 2008

SL-RL avatar challenge :P

Omg, i didn't think i would ever do this but here i go LOL! Taking on Kristi's challenge to make your avatar try to look as much as possible as your real self :) I asked my hubby to take a pic in this pose just now *rotfl* tryna be a model bwhaha. I think the result is pretty ok no? So here's the RL and SL me (be gentle!! don't kill meh haha):

It's greating seeing all the bloggers and designers real selfs! Keep em coming :D

<3 SySy

Thursday, November 6, 2008

SySy & friends for Warchild show!

Hi everyone!

Want to join a fun event tonight and do something good? Then join us tonight at 11.30 AM SLT (i know for many of you thats not night, but day ;)) and come see the Fashion show at Mikey's, hosted by Sascha Frangilli!

The models showing my outfits, are ALL non - experienced models including myself. Yep thats right, it's me and my friends walking the runway this time. That's going to be great fun and probably hillarious, as we all have zero experience on the runway. Ten outfits will be shown during this show.

At the show, there will be a specially designed gown for Warchild, all proceeds of this gown will be donated to Warchild. The gown will be up for sale in my mainstore aswell, for a week after the show so we can hopefully collect more donations ;) The show was originally "just a fashionshow for my designs" but the idea to do it like this was just born spontaneously!

Are you ready to hear who's walking the runway tonight, all wearing my designs (my friends are nuts like me :P) Here we go:

DutchMountains Babii - DM Distrubitions
Zaara Kohmine - {Zaara}
Jenny Thielt - Glowing Gems
Celie Carter - DJ's at various clubs and her own Blue Diamond
And ehm...Me :D

I'd also like to give a HUGE thanks to our sponsors who were so generous in donating:
CK Winx - ShitLuck
Javabox Kawanishi - Cybertopia Shopping Centre
You guys RULE!

So in short:

What? : SySy & Friends for Warchild Fashionshow
Where? : Mikey's
Time?: 11.30 AM Secondlife time November 6th (thats ALMOST now!)
Because: We're nuts and want to combine having a good time with doing somethign for charity ;)

You're all invited and we'd appreciate nothing more then for you to donate some L$ in either the donation box or by buying the Limited Edition gown. I will personally hand over every single linden made in this week's time to Warchild.
Every little bit counts!

See you there!

Monday, November 3, 2008

New mainstore OPEN! SySy's moved :)

Hi everyone!

SySy's has moved! YAY! The new mainstore is open, and here's the new location:
SYSY's Mainstore
There's some nice warm fuzzy gifts awaiting you at the front desk :)

As i'm not sure if I'm going to keep the open space sim where the old mainstore was on, please change your LM's and SLurls to the new location;) This is where you will find all new releases in the future aswell. Speaking of which, i have a few!

Missy - This dress is a classic, a little vintage type of dress with laced edges and gloves. Available in three colors:

Also new, the Jenna sets. Knit wool warm and comfy sets with poofy sleeves. Comes in two colors:

I hope you all enjoy the new mainstore!