Thursday, November 6, 2008

SySy & friends for Warchild show!

Hi everyone!

Want to join a fun event tonight and do something good? Then join us tonight at 11.30 AM SLT (i know for many of you thats not night, but day ;)) and come see the Fashion show at Mikey's, hosted by Sascha Frangilli!

The models showing my outfits, are ALL non - experienced models including myself. Yep thats right, it's me and my friends walking the runway this time. That's going to be great fun and probably hillarious, as we all have zero experience on the runway. Ten outfits will be shown during this show.

At the show, there will be a specially designed gown for Warchild, all proceeds of this gown will be donated to Warchild. The gown will be up for sale in my mainstore aswell, for a week after the show so we can hopefully collect more donations ;) The show was originally "just a fashionshow for my designs" but the idea to do it like this was just born spontaneously!

Are you ready to hear who's walking the runway tonight, all wearing my designs (my friends are nuts like me :P) Here we go:

DutchMountains Babii - DM Distrubitions
Zaara Kohmine - {Zaara}
Jenny Thielt - Glowing Gems
Celie Carter - DJ's at various clubs and her own Blue Diamond
And ehm...Me :D

I'd also like to give a HUGE thanks to our sponsors who were so generous in donating:
CK Winx - ShitLuck
Javabox Kawanishi - Cybertopia Shopping Centre
You guys RULE!

So in short:

What? : SySy & Friends for Warchild Fashionshow
Where? : Mikey's
Time?: 11.30 AM Secondlife time November 6th (thats ALMOST now!)
Because: We're nuts and want to combine having a good time with doing somethign for charity ;)

You're all invited and we'd appreciate nothing more then for you to donate some L$ in either the donation box or by buying the Limited Edition gown. I will personally hand over every single linden made in this week's time to Warchild.
Every little bit counts!

See you there!


Sascha's Designs said...

See you in 1 hour!!!!

Sascha (who will be doing the announcing of gowns without a notecard...)

SySy Chapman said...

^^ LMAO and you did GREAT! was this fun or was it fun? WOOOOOOT ty so much girl <3