Thursday, July 31, 2008

Separates separates separtes :)

Hi guys! Quick post before i finally get some sleep: I've released a ton of separates!
All separates come in multiple layers for easy wearing and combining, and all come in 5 different colors.
Just out is the flower short tanks, summery textured flower tanks with lace and fresh colors. Pictured here in peach:

Short flowertanks also available in blue, green, yellow and pink.

There's strapless "Sexay" tops, available in black, grey, aubergine, midnight and olive.

Brand new lingery, 8 sets! From the innocence series, pictured here in midnight:
Innocence lingery sets come in all layers and is also available in black, emerald and aubergine.

Floral lace set, pictured here in chocolate:
Floral lace comes in all layers including stockings, and is also available in blue, rouge and green.

Find 3 gifts in the several departments of the mainstore, note that the lingery and beachwear stores are directly across the mainbuilding ;)
Taxi or limo right here :)
Hope you enjoy, signing off and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Live music & Fishing contest in an hour :)

Hi everyone! We thought it was time again for a fun beachparty, some live music and a fishingcontest :) Tonight (or today depending what part in the world you are) at 11 pm SLT, you're all welcome at the SYDesigns sim to enjoy the tunes of Miss Celie Carter, to dance, shop and join the fishing contest! Prizes for the fishing contest are:

1st place: 500 L$ SYSY's giftcard
2nd place: 300 L$ SYSY's giftcard
3rd place: choice of 3 new lingery sets at your liking!

The fishing contest will start once we have enough participants, estimately 30 minutes after the party started.
Last time we had a blast, we hope this one will be as great again!

Taxi to the sim right here, hope to see you there!
<3 SySy

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Separates, newness, gifts whoohoo :)

Hi everyone :D
The revamping of the store is coming along really well :) I'm opening a brand new separates section, in which i;ve already put up 3 new releases (ok, 2 new, 1 revamped :P). Furthermore i've released 2 new summer sets: Layla.
Layla is a fresh summer set with a flowery babytoll type top and a sophisticated flexi skirt. Set comes in all layers :)

I'll post some snaps of the separates here, each of which are available in 5 colors.

Dreamer sweater in blue
Skinny pants in black

All up in the mainstore!
Plus there's a revamped version of the bi.tch extraordinaire shirts :) Also a new L$1 gift: a flowery black and white legging and tank set for summer (pictured above)
Hope you all enjoy,
<3 SySy

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Relay for life

Hi everyone!!! This weekend is the end of Relay for Life 2008, this is your LAST chance to get the one of a kind items of which all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society! Our team the DIS team has put all the vendors of all participating designers in one big tent, tp on over to get those items and support RFL!
We're walking laps for two days long, please feel free to join in. Today our team walked through 35 packed sims and let me tell ya, it is really one of the best SL experiences i've had so far! WOOOT! You can also light a lamp for one of your dear ones battling the disease or remember your loved ones. Remember that all proceeds go to the ACS. On those 35 sims there's plenty to do and see, you really dont' wanna miss this one. I took a snapshot of the first lap: the caregivers and survivors. LOOK AT THIS MAP! Isnt' that amazing?

Here's a snappie of Casimone, Jenny and me in a half crashed hotairballoon LMAO

RELAYING...untill there's a cure,

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tons of newness!

Hi everyone! Been quiet the last couple of days, working on expanding the mainstore and make the sim more beautiful ;) Feel free to browse around, there's a giant waterfall with hidden cave and lots of fun stuff to do and see! But thats not what i'm here for, i'm here to tell you all the new goodiesssss :D
First of all, i've launched a lingery line! I'm making lots and lots more, but for now 8 sets are available. I'll post one color of each for now. First up, the candy series: A sweet colored set in candy colors, with matching stockings. Includes all layers (yep i'm learning LOLLLL *winks to sasy*)

Candy pictured in blue, comes in lime, peach and pink.

Next is the glamsuits, body's which you could wear as extra special swimsuit aswell:

Glamsuit pictured here in bronze, comes also in silver, blue and cherry.

Three new dresses are just released, starting with the Touched by lace gown (this one comes in only these colors), including all layers:

And the forrest gown in two colors (pictured here in brown) for the funky hippy feel look:

Thats it for tonight! Hope you enjoy these, and oh! before i forget, HAB released a ton of new bracelets in all funky colors, i'm totally hooked to them all so have a look :)

Taxi to mainstore,
<3 SySy

Nope, wasnt' done yet. LMAO Big <3 to Ana and to Sasy for doing such lovely reviews :D

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Slipdresses, cookie and Lingery/beachwear Expo!

Hello everyone :) Lots of new releases the past few days!
Let me begin with the Shiny cookie dresses, swirly fun summerdresses with 3 layers of flexi satin. They come in lightgreen/creamy and oldrose:

Then there's 3 new sexy slipdresses, in black, blue and aubergine (these are available at the mainstore aswell as on the Beachwear and Lingery Expo!)

And thats not all! I'm for a while now designing an entire lingery collection, which i will be selling at my mainstore sim :)) Work in progress, but I'm planning to release some items REAL soon ONLY at the Lingery Expo! Currently you can buy bikini's, sexywear and a special for the expo designed free green bikini!

Hope you have fun and enjoy the new goodies :)
I'm going to shop till i drop at the Footwear Expo!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Paisley Afterall

Wow, time to blog :) I think I officially broke my record on how long I work on one piece of clothing *lol* but it's finished finally! The Afterall dress is released, comes in two colors and i did them in all the layers :) In the pictures i'm wearing the lovely new bracelets from HAB, you find his store right across my mainstore.

Then for the bikini's, fresh summer paisley's in four colors. Come in all layers and softly priced ;)

All up in the mainstore!
*Trying to get into the Loco Pocos sim to catch a part of the grand opening*

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sasy dresses & tour!

I already mentioned the tour in yesterday's blog title, but since it was 4 am or some ridiculous time like that, i forgot to mention what it was about *lol*.
You can now take a guided tour flying a hot air balloon over the sim, to see what's more besides only my mainstore :) The tour takes about a minute or 3, not too long and it's real fun! Feel free to come on over and take the ride :) You can do so along with 6 friends if you want.

I've also released two dresses, named after Sasy :P She's been a real sweetheart and I love naming outfits after people, I got some ana lutetia's, aphrodite outlanders, and now adding Sasy's to the collection :D They come in two colors, brown and green.

Hope you enjoy these and the tour!
Hop on in :D

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kiss my @ ..... (lol) & Altamoda & Tour!

^^ Yep! At the time making these outfits, and thinking of a fitting name for them (don't you just hate that sometimes @ fellow designers/creators? Finding the right name??), I was feeling in a *particular* mood so to speak , hehe...and it kinda fits the outfit too. LOL So here it is, Kiss my @... (< kept it somewhat civil) and yes, I was very angry at a certain someone at the time of creating these. :P Venting does help you know, even naming your outfits MUUUHAHAHHA. That all aside, the anger is gone and the venting is done ;) But it did produce these outfits! In gold and silver, i'm totally into these colors nowadays :)
Both come with a sculpted hat, sexy corset, panties, sheer stockings and (not pictured) a black pants for a more toned down look.

Let me just mention that the poses used in the above pictures, are from Stella's Fashion model works and i'm in LOVE with them. So sexy!

More news today: Get the July issue of ALtamoda magazine, you'll get a free bikini you can pick up at the Ewing Fashion District or at my Mainstore ;) The magazine features an interview with me and i'm delighted to have worked with the editors :) What an awesome job they did!
Click here to read the magazine :)

*signing off for tonight*
<3 xoxoxo SySy

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th & congrats to winners :)

WOOOT! Beachparty and fishing contest were awesome :D Congratulations to grand prize winners Monica Rau and Hunny Day! I had a great time myself :) Some photo's of the party are added to my flickr stream right here.

In other news! It's 4th of July tomorrow, big celebration for the USA! To celebrate, we're having events at Cassi island once again, the sim is packed with goodies all over so make sure you come on over and grab all the fun freebies :)
At my table you'll find a L$1 champagne dress, a 4th of July shiny bikini and scarf. Hope you enjoy!

TP to Cassi Island
TP to SYSY's Mainstore
<3 SySy

Contest & beachparty RIGHT NOW!

Hi people! My friend DJ Celie Carter & I felt it was time for a party!
To celebrate...hmmm..well, just wanna have a party! WOOOOT!
3 new releases are out in the mainstore, thunder gowns and a summer glam dress. You can WIN all three of my latest releases RIGHT NOW at the fishingcontest :)

The contest starts at 12 PM SLT that is in some minutes! (Fishing will be starting around 12.30)There will be live music from DJ Celie, there will be dancing and i'll be randomly giving away 3 L$500 giftcards!
The winner of the fishingcontest wins my 3 latest releases!!!
Come on over and party with us!



Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hi everyone, new fresh summer dresses are just released :) They come in lime, rose and lila. I'm planning to do a fishing contest soon, where you can win a limited edition of this dress ;)
But for now:

All in the mainstore,
till next time
SySy xx