Friday, July 18, 2008

Tons of newness!

Hi everyone! Been quiet the last couple of days, working on expanding the mainstore and make the sim more beautiful ;) Feel free to browse around, there's a giant waterfall with hidden cave and lots of fun stuff to do and see! But thats not what i'm here for, i'm here to tell you all the new goodiesssss :D
First of all, i've launched a lingery line! I'm making lots and lots more, but for now 8 sets are available. I'll post one color of each for now. First up, the candy series: A sweet colored set in candy colors, with matching stockings. Includes all layers (yep i'm learning LOLLLL *winks to sasy*)

Candy pictured in blue, comes in lime, peach and pink.

Next is the glamsuits, body's which you could wear as extra special swimsuit aswell:

Glamsuit pictured here in bronze, comes also in silver, blue and cherry.

Three new dresses are just released, starting with the Touched by lace gown (this one comes in only these colors), including all layers:

And the forrest gown in two colors (pictured here in brown) for the funky hippy feel look:

Thats it for tonight! Hope you enjoy these, and oh! before i forget, HAB released a ton of new bracelets in all funky colors, i'm totally hooked to them all so have a look :)

Taxi to mainstore,
<3 SySy

Nope, wasnt' done yet. LMAO Big <3 to Ana and to Sasy for doing such lovely reviews :D

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