Tuesday, September 30, 2008

*SALE*!, winners photocontest and new releases

Hi everyone! I'm back from a wonderfull summer vacation and ready to rock n roll lol.
First of all, I'm happy to announce the winners of the first monthly flickr. photocontest ****drumroll****:

1st prize: Bailey Longcloth
2nd prize: Minx Arashi
3rd prize: Jordan Whitt

Congrats ladies, your prizes have been sent and ty for the lovely submissions! A new contest has just started with the theme Autumn ;) Click here for info!

On to the good news: SALE! I'm retiring lots of items and making a fall collection at the moment. So at the right front in my mainstore you'll find the L$99 sale outfits and separates for L$25! WOOOOT! Sale will last a few days only...

By many requests, i've made more colors of the Pul Coll dress, but this version is slightly different. A little more autumny i found :) Three more colors are released and available in the mainstore:

And last but not least, since in SL the Halloween hype is starting already again, I'm having a blooooooody red gown as a L$1 gift up in the mainstore :)

Enjoy everyone, good to be back!
<3, SySy

Monday, September 15, 2008

Last releases & Vacation!

Hey people! I'm going on a (finally) summerholiday for 2 weeks, where i won't be able to login to the internet except for a quick email check now and then. So please leave me a notecard with any questions, and i will handle all notes when i get back ;)
There's a new dress out in three different colors: Fay :) The dress comes with all layers and a 4 prim flexi gown. You can wear it with or without sculpted poofy sleeves, whatever you prefer :) A bit bohemian feel to it no? Anyway, hope you enjoy these!

Taxi to the mainstore here!
See you all end September,
<3 SySy

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Elegance in the Valley

Evening all,

Two new gowns are released: Elegance and The Valley. The Elegance gown is a long tight black gown, with a very low cut back and laced flowers on the edges. It comes in all layers, glitch and top, tight skirt and 3 flexi prim attachements.

The Valley gown is a style i've never made before :) It's reminding me of the western times a little. The Valley gown comes with a laced off shoulder top, laced glitch pants (both in all layers) and two flexi gown skirts. You can wear it double or only the long gown.

Both up in the mainstore now, available at other location and on the www tomorrow!
Getting some sleep now,

love SySy

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Being from The Netherlands myself, I haven't experienced the absolute devastation and terror of the happenings of 9/11 2001 in the USA, for which I'm thankful. This doesn't mean I'm not remembering those who've lost their lives, the families and friends who are left behind as a result of this horrible day the world changed. I'm forever gratefull that my friend who was in NYC at the time, made it home safely but I will always remember. Today my thoughts go out to all of those affected by these happenings, and lets not ever forget!

You can pick up the US flag shiny bikini free at my mainstore. I've made this bikini once for an event and I remember many people liking it and didnt' got it then ;)
It's at the front desk in the middle.

Untill next time,
<3 SySy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

YaYa, birthday

Hi everyone! Wow..did today turn out different as I've expected. Today its my RL birthday (yaya..i'm turning "old" 35 years hehe) and i was planning to have some exciting things for you all or at least throw a nice party. Unfortunately in RL some unexpected things happened, which is why I decided to not have a party at this moment ;)I'm rebuilding the entire mainstore aswell, most of it is done as you can see, just some finishing touches. Leaving you for now with the latest release YaYa, funky dresses with 3 different prints.

All are up in the brandnew (still working on!) mainstore, come have a look if you like :)

New releases and surprises will follow soon,
Love, SySy

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Replace your hair, show you care!

Bandana day 2008! Get lovely bandana's right here at the closing of the hairfair, and pass some on to your friends aswell. All proceeds go to Locks of love!
I'm wearing a lovely bandana from Exile on the picture. Get on over there and get some bandana's guys!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pull col dresses :)

Leaving for a 2 week vacation next week (without internet LOL), I'm releasing some goodies for yall to leave you with some nice things ;) Expect more to come this week!
Today I released three cute cowlneck minidresses: Pull Col (< yes, i know, its sooo hard to come up with original names? lol). Each set comes in all available layers, glitch, top, sculpted mini skirt and sculpted cowlneck attachement. Available in black, white and red :) Up in the mainstore and working on slexchange onrez listings as we speak!

And..since SL is being like this for the entire evening:

..i've decided to keep the Fleur Noir limited edition L$1 gown up for a few hours longer ;)

Thats it for tonight! Have a great weekend everyone,
<3 SySy

Thursday, September 4, 2008


OMG woot! this is huge fun :D Remember the Fleur Noir limited edition gown i designed for the Masquerade ball? I'm giving it away for L$1 now in my mainstore, today ONLY! WOOT! Due to sickness of Ravenlynn (get well soon hun!) the ball was postponed untill further notice. I will make a brand new gown for this occasion but thought it was fun to just give this one away :)

There's also two new releases: one casual knit wooldress in two colors and another bridal gown!

Laine Tricote is a wool dress and comes in all layers, sculpted sleeves, sculpted legwarmers, stockings and a miniskirt. Olive and rose are the colors!

Last but not least, the Ivory bridal gown. I've made the gown in all layers, and you have 3 different looks to choose from in the flexi skirt. A veil with hairflower is included aswell :)

Taxi to the mainstore right here :)
Have a great evening everyone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Maria and new bridal gown :)

Wooot i did it again :) I did a bridal gown, the second one. It's called "Dreamy" and comes with several options... a lean thin long gown with leg attachements, and no further details. For the less is more look ;) Or with a dramatic poofy type gown, with glowing feathers around the waist. An optional hairflower with veil is included too. Hope you like it all you brides to be!

Furthermore i've released the Maria gown yesterday. A long classic ballgown, with several attachements to make a slim lean look. They come in bronze and metal colors for now, up in the mainstore!

I'm currently working hard on the fall collection and more gowns, so keep an eye out for more releases very soon! Big MUAHS to Sasy & Luna for their reviews :) Loving to read and see those pictures! OH! and keep the contributions coming guys, to the flickr. photocontest! It's going to be hard as i already see so many great contributions YAY!