Thursday, September 4, 2008


OMG woot! this is huge fun :D Remember the Fleur Noir limited edition gown i designed for the Masquerade ball? I'm giving it away for L$1 now in my mainstore, today ONLY! WOOT! Due to sickness of Ravenlynn (get well soon hun!) the ball was postponed untill further notice. I will make a brand new gown for this occasion but thought it was fun to just give this one away :)

There's also two new releases: one casual knit wooldress in two colors and another bridal gown!

Laine Tricote is a wool dress and comes in all layers, sculpted sleeves, sculpted legwarmers, stockings and a miniskirt. Olive and rose are the colors!

Last but not least, the Ivory bridal gown. I've made the gown in all layers, and you have 3 different looks to choose from in the flexi skirt. A veil with hairflower is included aswell :)

Taxi to the mainstore right here :)
Have a great evening everyone!

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Sascha's Designs said...

Gniffel, ik zie dat jij ook een bepaalde site hebt gevonden met bling-bling motiefjes....

Hele gave jurk!