Friday, September 5, 2008

Pull col dresses :)

Leaving for a 2 week vacation next week (without internet LOL), I'm releasing some goodies for yall to leave you with some nice things ;) Expect more to come this week!
Today I released three cute cowlneck minidresses: Pull Col (< yes, i know, its sooo hard to come up with original names? lol). Each set comes in all available layers, glitch, top, sculpted mini skirt and sculpted cowlneck attachement. Available in black, white and red :) Up in the mainstore and working on slexchange onrez listings as we speak!

And..since SL is being like this for the entire evening:

..i've decided to keep the Fleur Noir limited edition L$1 gown up for a few hours longer ;)

Thats it for tonight! Have a great weekend everyone,
<3 SySy

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