Sunday, February 22, 2009

SySy's fruitbasket!

FUN FUN and FUN! I've made fruitdresses. That's right, FRUITdresses. LOL!
I think they are great fun and very versatile too ;) Each set comes with a regular prim skirt aswell if you dont'wanna get all too funkay ;)
So, we have banana's, apples and bluegrapes! Each set comes in all layers, optional armwraps (gloves) and a sculpted fruitskirt or regular one :)
Hope you enjoy!

Here's an example of the regular version included in each set:

These sets are offered in a discounted fatpack aswell!
Find them in the fruitbasket in the mainstore lol

<3 Sy

Friday, February 20, 2009

Free Spirit wedding

Here to post my latest releases, of which one is very very special to me!
First off the Free Spirit sets which were released a couple of days ago and i've been a bad blogger so i'm putting them up now ;)

This is the Free Spirit! Each "Free spirit" set has a top on the jacket layer, a pants on both layers and three flexi prim attachements. You can choose to create the wide pants look or a skirt look. Three color combinations are available:

And...*drumrolls* LOL, i recreated my RL wedding gown! This was hard but huge fun to do!!! Like my RL gown, the top has tight drapery and folds around the body, and is finished off with a slightly a-symetrical beading around the waist. The back has a nice row of buttons with white fabric.
This gown comes with several wearing options, i wrote an entire book i mean notecard on how to wear it best (containing some RL photo's of the gown), you can click on the info panel at the vendor to achieve the note with instructions, or its provided in the pack should you buy this gown. Poofy skirt, lean skirts, train, hairrose, armdrapery and lingery with stockings are all included. And its 100% handdrawn :)
Hope you enjoy this one as much as i did making it!

The gown is located on the 2nd floor of the mainstore ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!
<3 SySy

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gypsy, gowns and staged :)

My gypsy fever was lit again and so I made some sparkly colored gypsy styled dresses! Each set comes with a wrapped top in all layers, bowtie on the side, skirtbase on all layers and a flexi/sculpted sheer skirt. Three colorcombinations are available:

Let me mention that the beautiful skins i'm wearing are the creations of Dezi Jarvinen of the brand new just opened store Staged! The dark skin is called "Aliyah"
and the tanned lighter one is "Elizabeth" and i'm in absolute love with them :)You'll also find clothes, Dezi is just starting out but has amazing talent which blows me away :) So yeah big phat PLUG for her here *woooot* go check it out, you won't regret ;)

Anyway on to my own stuff LOL! I've also made ballgowns! Yep thats right, ballgowns with a poofy skirt! They are not "battleships" as Sascha calls them, i would call these a modest sailboat maybe? lol! Come in all layers and three colors:

Taxi ride to mainstore here!
That's it for now folks, hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time for something serious

Hi again people! Second post in one day, wow that rarely happens ;) But this one is important. As most of you have heard by now about the devastating bushfires in Australia and the initiative of Dakota and Autumn to raise money for relief, i wanted to do my little part too in this joint effort.
I'm really asking you to please spend maybe one outfit less on the valentine's outfits, and consider spending it on one of the many great donated outfits by many designers or donate it in the kiosks.

In my store you'll find the vintage dress i designed for the AIFW show a few weeks ago, in a deep plum color and revamped a little bit. All proceeds ofcourse are for the red cross.

Dakota is keeping a list of participating designers right here :)
Thank you to all donating and participating in this! This is imo SL at its best ;)

Egyptian valentine?

Afternoon everyone!

Just in case you haven't noticed: It's soon valentines day :P I did two things this year, since i got a great responce on my red gift dress for the AIFW, i created a similar version in hot pink, L$1 gift for valentines day :) You will find it under the stairs in my (YES AGAIN lmao) new mainstore building :)
Wear sunshades, cause its REALLY pink!!!! Comes with all layers:

And, as many of you liked my new Wena dress so much, i did a special limited edition (available untill feb. 15 only!) of that dress in rose/pink :)

Cab to the mainstore right here!

And there's ofcourse the Digital Alchemy event! This brandnew rezzable sim is celebrating it's opening with a Bang :) You'll find many goregous designs all Egyptian themed. My own contribution is the nefer gown which is only on sale at the Kings Rezzable sim:

<3 SySy

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wena weeeeeeeenaaaah wena :)

Evening all :)

I've released some fun cocktail/party gowns a couple of days ago, named Wena after my friend Wenadrenia Soderstrom :) The wena gowns come in three colors: red, olive and violet. Each pack has all the layers for easy wearing, and a flexi flary skirt. I'm getting the hang of handdrawing so these are all handdrawn as i plan to do all my newer releases :D

Up in the mainstore! (which btw, omg yes i KNOW, i'm changing...again. I KNOW. Is there an award somewhere for "designer most often changed mainstore"?)

Now for something else and totally exciting: The Digital Alchemy event!
From Rezzable:

Fashion Inspired by Ancient Egypt is having its first fashion show tomorrow, Wednesday 2pm SLT, just for bloggers and press. If you have not received your invite then please IM Lokum Shilova to be added to the access list. The main fashion show will be on Friday February 6 at 2pm SLT. The fashion area will be open to public but the rest of the gallery you will need to register with our website just a click away.

Some previews here :D Setting up this afternoon, I saw the beautiful creations of everyone and its breathtaking. Not to mention the sim do NOT wanna miss this!

My contribution will be up for sale starting tomorrow with the preview for bloggers and press, and on feb. 6th with the mainpublic show at the brandnew Rezzable Kings sim :)