Sunday, February 22, 2009

SySy's fruitbasket!

FUN FUN and FUN! I've made fruitdresses. That's right, FRUITdresses. LOL!
I think they are great fun and very versatile too ;) Each set comes with a regular prim skirt aswell if you dont'wanna get all too funkay ;)
So, we have banana's, apples and bluegrapes! Each set comes in all layers, optional armwraps (gloves) and a sculpted fruitskirt or regular one :)
Hope you enjoy!

Here's an example of the regular version included in each set:

These sets are offered in a discounted fatpack aswell!
Find them in the fruitbasket in the mainstore lol

<3 Sy

1 comment:

Dezi Jarvinen said...

Sy these dresses are INSANE!!! OMG you crazy girl living in a tree!! I <3 ya chica!! Keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!