Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Goodevening everybody!
Wow, i've been so busy re-doing my mainstore, and its by far not finished yet. Hoping to have it all done by the end of the week, excuse the chaos right now in the mainstore. Everything is still on sale, aswell as the male wear final sale, which i will be ending when the mainstore is done!

So every now and then I need a break from working, guess what I did? Fishing!! The rage going on right now from 7seas, omg if you haven't tried it yet, its fun :) My twin sis who's crazy like me and made me a GORGEOUS wall texture for in my mainstore,Aphrodite, has a location at her mainstore where you can fish and get all the gear you need. Come and check it out, I'm making an aquarium with my catchings :P

<3, back to work,

Monday, April 28, 2008

Male sale & Wheelies :)

Hi everyone, after some hard and serious thinking about this, i've decided to stop designing Male wear. I know i know, there's a shortage of male wear in SL already, but designing male stuff just isn't where my heart is. I've noticed myself feeling like quickly HAVING to design a male outfit, and this is not the way to go. I want my designs to come from my heart, not because its about time to release another male outfit. Maybe this will change in the future, if it does, I will start doing male wear again. With that all said, for this week all male items are on a L$50 sale, and they are all transfer! So you can easily buy something for your friend/lover ;) Sale will end this Saturday, so make sure to grab some outfits! Find the sale on the secondfloor of the mainstore and pick up a nice gift along the way ;)
P.S. Wanna show some <3 to Ben, who is about to kill me right now, tell him i still luv him LMFAO ;)

Ok what else? WHEELIES! Here's my special release for the Wheelies fund, its really girly girly pink/purple and all proceeds with go to Wheelies at the initiative of Sasy <3

Furthermore i'm changing some things in the mainstore and I'm busy setting up several satelitte stores :D. Expect new releases at the end of this week again, when i'm done reorganizing and setting up everything!

Untill next time,
<3 SySy

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Instyle SL's next Fashion Icon

I've found SL's next Fashion Icon!;) Let me first of all state that this blogpost is entirely written because I want too, and is in no way a promotional stunt on Loxley's behalf. I just feel that this woman deserves to be in the spotlight, as its rarely for me to meet people in SL (tm) who make you feel that they are sincere and truthfull from the first moment on. Lox applied for the Instyle SL Next Fashion Icon contest and has made it to the second round. As she told me, I was excited for her and delighted to hear she 's also chose some of my designs to wear :) One of the assignments she had to do was doing a short article on a designer, and she asked me. So we did a short interview and shot some pictures, it was nice to talk to her.

I've met Loxley Tatham several months ago when she walked into my mainstore. We chatted somewhat, and ever since then she would sometimes just come to look me up or IM me for a chat. She's always friendly and i'm just in someway touched by her sincerity. I think the judges from Instyle feel the same on that one ;)
To keep it short, I just want to put Loxley in the spotlight for this moment and (for as far as thats possible lol) endorse her into becoming SL Next Fashion Icon. Because no matter how good you look on the outside, its the inside which makes a person beautiful. I think Loxley has those qualities BOTH. I'm excited to see how far she's gonna make it in this contest and my best wishes and goodluck goes out to ALL candidates, with Loxley in particular :P.

Cheers for now, I'm back into PS designing outfits for the Wheelies fund!

Wheelies, Face2Face grads show & more!

Hi people! First of all, when I read Sasy Scarborough's blog about Wheelies, i wanted to contribute and i'm working on some special releases for the cause. Please read the story and donate some into their donation fountain!

Secondly, today Face2Face model agency will have their graduation show featuring my designs at 12 pm SLT. If you're interested, you're hereby invited :)

I'm currently burried in work for several charities, and ofcourse the RFL is still running, so i'm trying to make some time for other things aswell at the moment. I got lots i want to feature on this blog, will split it up into two blog posts as i think the following will deserve its own post ;)
For this one, my newest release..iss...a bridal gown! I did it :) My first ever bridal gown, i do hope you enjoy it :)

Available in the mainstore <3
Watch my second blog post :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Designers gone mad

Aphrodite and yours truly thought it was time to step out of our stores. Do you think we should apply for a model contest? I think we look sexay :D


Thank you everybody for your responces to my call for what shopping style you prefer. Its gonna stay pictures ;) New today are 2 outfits, the first being Aphrodite Denim set (named after Aphrodite Outlander cause she's awesome and was kind enough to provide the ever cute vintish shoes for the outfits!) which comes in the colors olive and brown. Some residents asked me to make more denim skirts, thats exactly what i did but then in un-regular colors :).

Also released today: the Soiree classic evening dress in brown and gold. There are several options to wear this outfit, with or without underlayer for a more daring look :P

Everything available in my mainstore, and working on the slex and onrez listings as we speak ;)
Hope you enjoy everyone!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Newness :)

3 new releases are out! I"m planning to reorganize the store (yes..again lol) but i'm thinking on how exactly I want everything. So i'm going to ask for your opinions. What is a nicer shopping experience for you, having the clothes presented in pictures where the models are showing them (like i have now), or would you prefer the clothes hanging on the racks like they do in RL? I personally think it looks very nice to have them hanging in racks, but I also notice its harder to see how something is actually gonna look on an avatar. So please give me your opinions and I will think about what to go with! :) Now, on to the new stuff.
First up, Camo girl:

I've also added one new dress to the summer dress collection, Peachy:

My friend said that it looked soft, and thats exactly what i wanted to achieve with this :)

Last i've made some fun bikini's in a three pack:

Quick tp to the mainstore here :)
Untill next time!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Back in business

Weeew! 2 weeks with no internet is long. really long. *lol* (am i showing addiction signs?) Just a short shout to say i'm back from my wonderfull vacation. I'm burried under a pile of notecards and emails so please bare with me to answer your questions this weekend ;) New releases will follow this week!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Mega summer dress releases!

Hi everyone :) I'm releasing 7 new outfits to leave you with when i'm going on 2 weeks holiday (April 5- April 20)
One is for the La Luna series, and six dresses all for L$115 light summer price :)
I let the pictures do the talking, omg i so love the windlight, it makes everything look so much more real!
Ok so here we go, the La luna floral dress v.2:

Summerdresses 3 varieties:

Senquin dresses 3 colors:

Some items are going to retire, and they are up for a L$50-L$75 sale on the 2nd floor untill April 20! So grab them while you can ;)
Last but not least, a new L$ dress is up in one of the goodiebags...a red senquin babydoll for summer ;) All up in the mainstore!
<3 SySy

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April released

Just finished these two releases: The April outfit :) They come in gold or silver versions. Each set has a capris with sculpted cuffs and a sexy plaid shiny top.
Up in the mainstore right now :)

Again, just to make sure everyone knows, I'll be on a summer holiday from April 5 till April 19. In this time i can't answer any im's or questions. If you do have a question, please leave me a notecard with your details and i'll get back to you once i'm back ;) My Im's get capped so please don't kill me if i don't respond, i simply haven't got you im then ;)
That was it for tonight folks, now lets hope SL gets less borky and actually starts working again LOL

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


New for today: Vamp outfit and loose leggings to mix n match with your outfits :) I am up to my ....where the sun doesn't shine in work right now so i'm keeping this short lol ;)
Available in the mainstore and listings!

<3 SySy