Sunday, April 20, 2008

Newness :)

3 new releases are out! I"m planning to reorganize the store (yes..again lol) but i'm thinking on how exactly I want everything. So i'm going to ask for your opinions. What is a nicer shopping experience for you, having the clothes presented in pictures where the models are showing them (like i have now), or would you prefer the clothes hanging on the racks like they do in RL? I personally think it looks very nice to have them hanging in racks, but I also notice its harder to see how something is actually gonna look on an avatar. So please give me your opinions and I will think about what to go with! :) Now, on to the new stuff.
First up, Camo girl:

I've also added one new dress to the summer dress collection, Peachy:

My friend said that it looked soft, and thats exactly what i wanted to achieve with this :)

Last i've made some fun bikini's in a three pack:

Quick tp to the mainstore here :)
Untill next time!

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Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Welcome back, SySy! Hope you had a great vacation :)

I personally prefer to have the clothes presented in pictures on models, rather than on racks. It somehow gives the store a 'neater' sort of look. Also, I don't know why, but vendor pictures seem to rez faster than clothes rack images (or maybe I am just biased lol). And I agree that pictures would make it easier to see how the clothes actually look on an avatar, which is probably a huge selling point!

I really like the layout of the new store, so spacious and everything is well-organised, easy to find. Can't wait to see what it'll look like next ;)