Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Thank you everybody for your responces to my call for what shopping style you prefer. Its gonna stay pictures ;) New today are 2 outfits, the first being Aphrodite Denim set (named after Aphrodite Outlander cause she's awesome and was kind enough to provide the ever cute vintish shoes for the outfits!) which comes in the colors olive and brown. Some residents asked me to make more denim skirts, thats exactly what i did but then in un-regular colors :).

Also released today: the Soiree classic evening dress in brown and gold. There are several options to wear this outfit, with or without underlayer for a more daring look :P

Everything available in my mainstore, and working on the slex and onrez listings as we speak ;)
Hope you enjoy everyone!


Nohae said...

Where can I find the short hairstyle modelled with the outfit in brown: http://bp3.blogger.com/_MhVgsu-D3NM/SA4vt1Ygx6I/AAAAAAAAAhs/77ZMaiVq9OA/s1600-h/N-apphroditedenimset-brown.png - It's pretty cool!

Nohae said...

And the skin too ? ;)