Monday, January 10, 2011

New things come, old things go

Happy 2011 lovelies! Let's celebrate this new year with a new release, the Sayang2011 top. Your casual feminine tee will bring some calm into your look with it's soft fabrics, while the hotter tones of the cropped tank worn over it don't let his eyes escape. Great with a pair of capris or stylish slacks! Available in 9 colour combinations as we make room for more exciting designs.

And how do we make room for new stuff? Of course. WE MAKE SALES :D! Alright here we go: remember Jesse jackets? Lucy sweaters? Denim capris? Casual Miniskirts? All will be gone after this sale. And so much more!! This special offer includes such pearls as this Regency Jane gowns (made for Fashion Designer Challenge) and Voulez Vous (made for BOSL coco chanel tribute - oh please excuse the shameless self-promotion on the picture):

This sale will only last for a couple of days while we work hard on a brand new SYSY's Mainstore. Stay tuned for more news and sexy releases. Limo attached: SySy's