Thursday, April 22, 2010

SLDD: Aphrodite, Merle, Morgan and more!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while... but i'm working on a new spring/summer collection!
Right now i'm here to tell you about the brand new launch of Second Life Daily Deals. To read all about the new format and the membership, please touch the shopper registration board which you'll find in my store, or visit the SLDD website :)

Currently, I have a 50% off exclusive offer for you, which is ONLY available today untill midnight! It's the Aphrodite gown in teal, and will vanish after midnight. And best of all? You get it for 50% off if you're a clubmember!

Taxi to mainstore!

Other offers are the Merle dress in blue for 25% discount, the Morgan dress in Mauve for 10% off and the flower wrap top in babyblue/pink on 10% off. Those will stay for the rest of April, untill the new month kicks off with new offerings!

SL Daily Deals 50% banner


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Merle is here :)


Just released: Spring dresses with two types of flexi skirts :) The Merle dresses come in six vibrant colors, all layers are included and you can choose which skirt to wear. One is long babydoll style, the other is a more regular beachdress style. Colors are: Cherise, beige, greens, blues, yellow and rose. Pictured are blues and cherise. A discounted fatpack is available aswell! Find them in the mainstore directly at the entrance.

Taxi to mainstore :)

<3 SySy