Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Last minute gift :)

Happy Halloween everyone!
I've sent out a last minute Halloween gift to several groups, if you didnt'got it you can pick it up in my mainstore for a linden :) Its a little witch black dress with hat, which you can also wear without the hat for "normal" use. Hope you enjoy!

Taxi/broomride here :P

Furthermore, the new mainstore is coming along OMG..SOOOOOOOO good! A very dear friend of mine has helped me a great deal and has built me a custom gorgeous and i do mean GORGEOUS building...i'm SO excited about it :) Right now i'm making the place more beautifull, decorating and landscaping. I'm estimating it will be opening within a week ;) And ofcourse that will be with a party!!! Also there'll be new releases which i've been working on before the open-space-drama.
The current mainstore will stay untill at least Dec. 1 and maybe even a little longer, but the new location will be announced soon!
There's more very exciting projects i have in the works, it includes fashionshows, a very exciting feature on, a stunning feature in Captured photography book and fashionshow 12 hour long event and more!

Back to building and landscaping for now (not to meantion change 9038475038945739 vendors with the new LM lol),
<3 SySy

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Secluded Cove Boardwalk!

What happens when a big group of SL designers decide to take matters into their own hands and build a mall just for them?

Secluded Cove Boardwalk is a quaint seaside boardwalk on the Thistledown sim featuring a unique build of mixed shops. Each shop is filled with a SL designer's goods, including:

Awesome Designs
Tea Lane
She's So Unusual Shoes
Dark Mouse Jewelry
IC Skins
Light Motif
Calla Hair
Image Reflections
OPIUM Everyday
Second Wave Apparel
Tea Monster
myself :P

And many others!

Our HUGE Grand Opening begins Nov 1st at noon SLT with a ribbon cutting ceremony.
The Public is encouraged and definitely invited to come see the build, the stores, the ambience and enjoy a fun day at the Boardwalk.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's not SySy's day today...

^^..just as MANY other residents, small businesses and everyone else affected by this. I DO understand the misuse of Open Space sims, but i don't think this decision is a fair one.

HOWEVER....working on the new place as we speak ;) And i can promise's going to be better then ever :)
I'll keep you all informed!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Costumes & Coffee :)

Aaaah nothing better then a fresh coffee in the morning to wake up no? Or a coffee break during shopping :) I'm so happy with this coffee machine i got LMAO, get your pixelcoffee at the terras outside the mainstore and enjoy LOL!
Speaking of coffee, i've made two new outfits in coffee tone colors. It's called Pearls and comes with several wearing options. Each set has a top in two layers, skirtbase in two layers, systemskirt, flexi babydoll, sculpted sleeves and sculpted sash.

And i did something new to me, i've made a costume! With all the exciting halloween customes all over the grid, i thought it was a nice idea to make my very own small costume line. The first one is out: Tiny Dancer :) A sweet pink ballerina costume, with two choices of skirts to choose from, socks, top and panties in double layers :)

Hope you enjoy! Quick link to mainstore :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback: Dance with me!

The L$99 sale is in full force yall wooooot! Next to that, I did something (for me) new, i did a PRE release. The Sasha dress is an outfit i'd like to release in the future and right now i'm giving this color combination as a Halloween gift in the mainstore. Wonder what you think about it so your feedback is welcomed! :)

Pick it up under the Halloween tree at my mainstore!

I've created two new outfits this week, starting with the Flashback one. This set comes in three colors and has several wearing options. You can wear it as a strapless knitdress, or add the jacket and leggings so you have an almost 80s-ish kind of style. I always still love the 80's!

Also new: the Dance with me dresses. A salsa styled dress with a slightly asymetrical skirt. Comes in four colors :)

Other projects i'm currently working on/involved in are taking alot of my time aswell. But it's all so exciting! At the initiative of Rowan Caroll you'll find some amazing designers for clothing, shoes, jewelry etc. all in one place in a beautifull setting....grand opening nov. 1st! I think you want to mark that down in your agenda's as I'm sure its an event you dont'wanna miss !

Friday, October 17, 2008

HUGE halloween sale and more

Hi everyone!
A quick post before i dive in my bed and get some sleep finally ;)

Starting tomorrow Oct. 18 is the Halloween huge clearance sale! Every item in the special sale department (on the right wing of my mainstore) will be L$99! Yep thats right :) Most of these outfits wont'return, some of them will get a make over ;)
The sale will last the whole month of October!
Depending on when i have time tomorrow to set the vendors, the sale will start. It will be probably early in the morning for USA folks,somewhere in the afternoon for Europeans.

Also you'll find some nice L$1 goodies under the tree at the Halloween section ;) For now its just one, however I'll be adding more during the month!

What else is new? The Haunted gown....suitable for halloween but also a classic gown which can be worn in every season. Specially priced down to 99L$ aswell during the month October, after that it will be sold for regular prices, so if you like the gown, i'd get it now ;)

I hope you all like the new layout of the store! Still unfinished though (as usual lol) but it's starting to finally look like I want to :)
Quick taxi? :P

Untill next time,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Diamonds & Flair in the lucky chair!

Goodevening all :)

As I continue to slowly replace the old with the new, here's another new release! The dress is called "Diamonds" and is a mix between sexy and chique imo. Each set comes with several layers, optional sculpted sleeves, a prim skirt and a nice diamond brooch. Four colors are available:

And there's a new release called "Flair" which i didn't actually released yet! This color (peach) won't be released either, it's only available in the lucky chair :D

All available in the mainstore now.
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

About the Fashion again :)

So anyway, yeah, here's the new releases I was planning to post two posts before this LOL. 5 gowns in sparkling colors (yes, colors! No black or brown :D) with a mermaid style skirt. I named the gowns Dutch Sparkles, after my friend DutchMountains.

These are available in my mainstore AND at the Vanity Glamour expo

This is insane.

Hi people...Gosh i've been busy with things i wish i wouldnt' have to be busy with. I'm defending myself and explaining myself as to why i had a obama poster in my store. Can it get any more ridiculous? I'm loosing my patience on this yall. Here's ANOTHER blog who feels the need to write about it.

I'm SICK of the argument that according to this blog poster, SL is merely for fun and can't be mixed with political issues. I'm not mixing ANYTHING, i had a fuggin POSTER UP. thats IT. ffs. That aside, the argument now is that SL is merely for fun and to escape reality. Yes, that can be the case for some, but its not to all. Secondly......when i for example posted the sept. 11 remembarance post, NO ONE did complain then. NO one told me THEN that SL and serious RL issues shouldnt' be mixed. NO ONE complained THEN that i'm not an American.
When we do Relay for Life, to me thats pretty damn serious. That's pretty damn RL, isn't it. Complaining then too? NO ONE.

With the risk of loosing clients over this, which i'm very well aware off, i'm gonna say one final thing on this whole RIDICULOUS issue.

I WILL continue to do what i see fit, no matter if its participating in Relay for Life, showing my support for the families and victims from the Sept. 11 attacks, voicing my opinion on matters important to me and friends AND, i WILL hang posters in my store of who or what I SEE FIT.
Don't like it or got a problem with it? Close your eyes or simply don't come in my store then, if it's THAT much of a bother to you.

Lastly, about SCD. I originally like the idea of SL Secret very much. But I think its should be about SECRETS. It's anonymously done, for a reason. Trying to slam a certain person, a certain store or anything like that, to me hasn't got anything to do with a secret but is just plain public hating and drama creating as some ppl love to do so much in here. YUCK.
/end blowing off steam.

Next post will be about clothes again.
A tired, dissapointed and amazed SySy

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wooot. "Distastefull" for Obama poster. lmfao

Keeping this short, but couldn't resist to respond. Someone appearantly isn't amused by me having an Obama poster in my store. Read the original post right here.

After posting a emotionally loaded responce in the comments, I decided to go drama for once and post a responce right here, on my own blog.
For "anonymous" and everyone else who thinks i'm "distastefull" for having a freaking poster in my store with someone on it who I think can actually mean something to the world (NOT just to the US):

Mc. Cain supporters, Obama supporters, people of every nationality, color, race, religion or no matter what, you are all welcome in my store :D

Nite! Keep an eye on the next blog for the new releases I was actually going to post ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008


Hiiiii everyone :)

It's party time again! Started at 12.30 pm SLT, live tunes in my sim by my wonderfull friend DJane Celie Carter. We're celebrating...ehm...well, we're just feeling to party! :D
Three new PARTY dresses and gowns are released, come on over and have some fun or shop, whatever you feel like!

Today's new releases are the Ballerina/gown combinations, three different ones. Each set comes with a ton of wearing options in all the layers, short or long gowns, gloves, stockings and all of those good things :) In three colors and patterns:

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Separates & Halloween gown

Hey hey friends,

I've added some nice separates to the fall collection today, starting with 6 colors of cardigans, sexy with a boho feel to it. You all know i love that :D
The cardigans come in all layers and with flexi prims and sleeves flared.

Also just added: two fatpacks of nice comfy kneesocks :) Each pack contains 10 colors, one pack is warm wool knits, the other is more pastel and sweet candy type colors with a little flower pattern..

And also released today, the Halloween witch-type gown which you can easily turn into a classic evening gown, complete with funny witch hat for L$99, only during the month October :)

TP to mainstore
Hope you like it!
nite nite for now,

Monday, October 6, 2008

Look Elite show & gowns plus..giftiessss!

Hi everyone! WOW what a great show it was last night :) Look did a fantastic job and the atmosphere was real nice. Happy ppl all over the place :D! Check out some beautiful pictures shot by Tillie Arianto right here!

Furthermore, i've released the Look Elite gown yesterday, in three colors. One special color in Midnight blue is available only in the lucky chair, now int he mainstore!

And the lucky chair edition:

And...since there's no escaping the Halloween craze here in SL *lol*(here in the netherlands we hardly have halloween) I'm creating a fun Halloween spot at my sim, next to the mainstore. I got Whimsy's lovely pumpkin house, its ADORABLE! I'll be adding more goodies during this month, for now there's a fun pumpkin dress with pumpkin necklace for L$1.

That was it for tonight!
<3, SySy

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jersey Revamped!

Hey everyone,

One of my bestselling and most wanted outfits is the Jersey girl set *yay* and I've revamped them~! The set now comes with two skirts, all layers and a bigger different sculpted scarf. The shading and highlights are improved aswell, plus there's a brandnew color: moss :) Hope you enjoy the new Jersey girl!

Also tonight is my fashionshow presented by LOOK Elite models :) It's at 2 pm SLT right here (on the left of the entrace choose to tp to the sky runway), feel free to come and have a look :) I'm preparing a nice goodiebag as we speak aswell YAY :D

Taxi to the mainstore is here,
untill soon, SySy

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Beans on toast, anyone?

Goodevening all!

The first part of the autumn collection is now released and available in a special wing in the mainstore :)
Starting with "Beans on toast", yes thats right, Beans on toast is the name of this new sexy VERY mini sweater dress *lol*. A while ago when I was finishing up a design, I talked to Sasy about what to name it and how I always have trouble naming my outfits. She replied name it "beans on toast" jokingly, but i vowed there and then I'd create an outfit and name it Beans on here it is :P Beans on toast comes in three warm colors: red, blue and bronze. All layers are included and slouchy socks with sculpts aswell.

Next is the Ponched set, a fun sportive yet elegant dress which you can wear with or without the sculpted poncho and legwarmers. In cream, green and lavender.

And the Black cat catsuit is the latest I created, for now only in black but I'm considering doing more colors and combinations. The scarf is a fun little extra to spice things up a bit.

Lastly I'd like to invite you all to my fashionshow tomorrow at 2 PM SLT, brought to you by LOOK Elite model agency :) It will be a fun show and I'm preparing a nice goodiebag aswel ;)

Hope to see you there!
<3 SySy