Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback: Dance with me!

The L$99 sale is in full force yall wooooot! Next to that, I did something (for me) new, i did a PRE release. The Sasha dress is an outfit i'd like to release in the future and right now i'm giving this color combination as a Halloween gift in the mainstore. Wonder what you think about it so your feedback is welcomed! :)

Pick it up under the Halloween tree at my mainstore!

I've created two new outfits this week, starting with the Flashback one. This set comes in three colors and has several wearing options. You can wear it as a strapless knitdress, or add the jacket and leggings so you have an almost 80s-ish kind of style. I always still love the 80's!

Also new: the Dance with me dresses. A salsa styled dress with a slightly asymetrical skirt. Comes in four colors :)

Other projects i'm currently working on/involved in are taking alot of my time aswell. But it's all so exciting! At the initiative of Rowan Caroll you'll find some amazing designers for clothing, shoes, jewelry etc. all in one place in a beautifull setting....grand opening nov. 1st! I think you want to mark that down in your agenda's as I'm sure its an event you dont'wanna miss !

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Sascha's Designs said...

What a lovely name for your dress.....

Iniedergeval 1000% beter dan Tante Truus!