Sunday, October 26, 2008

Costumes & Coffee :)

Aaaah nothing better then a fresh coffee in the morning to wake up no? Or a coffee break during shopping :) I'm so happy with this coffee machine i got LMAO, get your pixelcoffee at the terras outside the mainstore and enjoy LOL!
Speaking of coffee, i've made two new outfits in coffee tone colors. It's called Pearls and comes with several wearing options. Each set has a top in two layers, skirtbase in two layers, systemskirt, flexi babydoll, sculpted sleeves and sculpted sash.

And i did something new to me, i've made a costume! With all the exciting halloween customes all over the grid, i thought it was a nice idea to make my very own small costume line. The first one is out: Tiny Dancer :) A sweet pink ballerina costume, with two choices of skirts to choose from, socks, top and panties in double layers :)

Hope you enjoy! Quick link to mainstore :)

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