Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sy suggests :D

Goodevening all,

While my mainstore is *still* being worked on (lol bare pls pls! last change this week i PROMISE! Mike Denneny is building me the awesomest store EVARRRR) i've released two outfits in a new section: Sy Suggests :) I thought it was kinda fun to make one of a kind outfits, meaning just releasing them in one color/combination and include the entire stylecard. I even made my very first bracelets with one of them! :D
So, let me post the two first ones in this line, starting with "Hi Sweetiepie!":

Hi Sweetiepie comes with a capris style pants, sculpted cuffs, a sweet white tunic, white short socks and matching bangle bracelets :) All layers available.

Next one is Hoodie girl, a simple black hoodie outfit, black pants with flared leg attachements, short hoodiesweater with sculpted hoodie and cuffs.

Hope you enjoy these! Taxi for the mainstore right here :)
<3 SySy

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

50% off storecards sale :) Merry Christmas!!!

Hi everyone! Last minute 50% off storecards sale untill December 31~! WOOT! I planned to do this earlier, as i anticipated that my new mainstore would be done earlier, which it isn't, lmfao! It will be totally different as to whats there now, so bare with me and the little chaos ;)
Anyways, wishing you all wonderfull days and enjoy the storecard sale!
Taxi here :D

<3 *kuddo's*

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas thoughts & wishes :)

Hey everyone! Annah's sweet post inspired me and got me all emo mooded *lol*, so here's a few words from me to you.

I can't help but noticing myself overthinking my RL aswell as SL with the end of the year nearing, and this time i'm alllll in Christmas mood, while I normally don't have that. With in RL a very dear co worker of mine losing the battle of his cancer, I realize that i'm blessed to have my health, my wonderfull husband, my friends and family and that my parents are well.

And in SL? Wow. I can't begin to tell you how truly happy I am to be able to do what i do, that it has grown this far and for all the support i'm recieving. I've made some aswesome new friends in my two years in SL, and I can't possibly thank all my customers enough :) Be it a friendly notecard or IM, be it some friendly words of encouragement, be it even some critic which helps me grow further, i'm truly happy for all of your feedback!

So from this place i'm wishing everyone happy holidays, a warm Christmas and all the best for the new year! ((((( Javabox, Celie, Mick, CK, Zaara, Dutch, Discman, Laetitia, Ruby, Wenadrenia, Analu, Laura, Ben, Hab, Jenny and many many others)))) big hugs to you :)

Okayyyy and now i must rush back to my mainstore, where everything is a HUGE chaos cause i'm rebuilding while i'm open! LMFAO. Bad idea, i know, however its very funny and even nice to see customers are still shopping while everything is half in the air and such. And it's nice to have some company while rebuilding :D WOOOT!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Paris, Christmas, Stylista, Black Swan and all that good stuff

*warning: long blog with lotsa things* :)

k. Hi everyone! LOL I'm in babbling mode and i gots lots to share with yall so bare with me :D
First, the new releases :) I've made a classic dress called Paris. Paris comes in three pastel soft colors and I'm proud to say i handdrew them from scratch. I handdraw more and more lately, i often use a piece of fabric or a pre made texture to mix in the clothes i draw, but this one is entirely me :D Each set comes with several layers, sculpted belt and collar and gloves. So here's Paris:

I've also put three more L$50 Christmas gowns and dresses under the tree! Fun short sparkly dresses in three colors:

^^ All these are up in the mainstore :)

Then, there's the Vanity Winter Expo, which is having a all weekend Christmas hunt! You're looking for the red baubles in many stores, or outside the stores for free (many new creations btw!) goodies. My own gift is the new Pretty Betty set, laced in black and white. Find it in my store at the Vanity Expo :)

AND..last but not least, I want to again stress and make everyone aware of the Stylista Festival, organized by an AWESOME person called RubyStarlight Writer at Best of SL Boulevard. All activities for this event (which include fashionshows, live music performances, parties, auctions with one of a kind designs, surprise gifts and much more) are being held to raise money for the Make a Wish foundation.
Besides a TON of surprise items you can purchase for 1000L$ (these are donated items by many designers, giftcards, jewelry, gowns etc.)there's also the ten ONE of a kind designs, created by several designers of which the proceeds go 100% to the make a wish foundation. These are ONE of a kind, meaning the highest bidder will own the one and only of that particular piece. My own contribution is up on auction along with the other 9 designs, will show it to you again as you might consider bidding on this:

If that's a little too much for you, feel free to donate in one of the many blue donation jars. Your donations are so much appreciated and needed, for those kids who can use a SMILE on their faces, specially around this time of year huh ;)
SO yeah, LIMO to Stylista here,
Taxi (yep no limo for my store:P) to my mainstore here
and oh? While i'm at it, Santa's sled with Rudolph to Black Swan here and just well buy my gown XD ROTFLLLMAO

PHEW! that was long :D Ty for sitting this one out :)
Untill next time, <3

Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Magic in Black Swan II

YAY! That was a wonderfull show at the rezzable black swan winter magic! All amazing designs are up for sale now at the beautiful sim, taxi right here!
I managed to keep my own contribution secret untill the show, and now i can finally show you, so here it is the Flakes in the Shadow mini-collection :)

This little collection comes with 14 pieces in total, you can wear it as long and formal, to short and funky :) Hope you do like it! It's only available at the Black Swan gallery now, aswell as the other designer's amazing creations!

While you're there, you gotta look at the great elephants and giraffe's aswell. Yes, thats right, Elephants and Giraffes! So don't be surprised when you shop at my mainstore, if you see them around ;)
Signing off for now,
<3 SySy

Rezzable Black Swan Winter Magic :)

Hi Everyone! I'm excited about participating in the Black Swan Winter Magic event :) There's a Fashionshow to kick things off at 2 PM SLT today, be early as the sim packs up pretty fast. I've peeked at some of the designs, and they are jaw-dropping GORGEOUS yall :D WOOOT! My own contribution i'm keeping a secret untill after the show hehehe. Just want to invite everyone interested to come and see the show, and shop till you drop!


Friday, December 12, 2008

YIP! Stylista

WOW! Just came back from the Stylista Event openingshow :) This wonderfull event, organized for the Make a Wish foundation, kicked off tonight with a smashing fashionshow, featuring all ten one of a kind designs. You can now bid on these designs as they are all up for auction for a period of 20 days. ALL proceeds from these specially designed gowns will go to the Make a Wish foundation. One of a kind in this case, means the highest bidder will own the gown, and ONLY the highest bidder will. No one else will have this unique piece! I'm stunned at the designs, they are all jaw-dropping gorgeous :)
Here's my own contribution:

You can bid on this, and many other one of a kind designs, limited editions and donated items right here!

Tillie Ariantho just made some beautifull shots of the opening show, view them here!

I've also released some funky funny dresses which i called YIP! Yip is available in three colors, comes in all layers and has a sculpted skirt, compiled of all fringy/frumply sculpties.

All up in the mainstore!
Untill next time,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crimmus Sparkles!

Goodevening everyone :)

Time for Christmas goodies! This year, I'm releasing some gowns which are suitable for Christmas, but also can be used for "normal" occasions. And the best of it is, I'm pricing them for L$50 as some sort of a Christmas gift :) So far, two gowns are up, expect more to come soon!
Each gown comes in several layers for easy wearing.

Also i've finally had some time to decorate the store a little, and you can find a nice L$1 dress under the Christmas tree:

Groupmembers recieved this dress in a slightly different version in black ;)
That is it for now folks, expect more surprises to come soon, new releases and ofcourse, stay tuned for the Stylista event for the Make A Wish foundation, and the exciting Black Swan rezzable sim "Winter Magic" event, to start Dec. 15th!

Before i forget: Taxi to the mainstore here!
<3 *kuddo's*

Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

New goodies, Vanity Expo and Voodoo Voque premiere!

Evening people :)

I have some new releases to share finaly! Last up were the London suits, now I'm presenting the Milano sets. (yep, going with city names for now lol). The Milano set comes with a comfy sweater, a sculpted shoulder wrap, leggings, and a short miniskirt with paisley prints. Again, a very small hint to the 80's ;) Every set comes with several layers for easy mixing and matching and is available in three colors (and i'm afraid i made olive...again. *grins*)

Up in the mainstore now, soon in other locations and on the web :)

I'd also like to show you the gown i designed especially for the upcoming Vanity Fair Winter Fairy tale expo, 50% of the proceeds of this Fleur Rouge gown will go to Care International, aswell as many of the other designers outfits who are participating in this wonderful event! The event kicks off tomorrow, but to give you a peek at the gown (note that this gown will be ONLY available during the Expo):

And...last but not least, I'd like to invite everyone who's interested to the Fashionshow/showcase/expo at the Voodoo Voque modeling venue, this Sunday Dec. 7th at 2pm SLT for their Winter premiere! I took a sneak peak at the venue today and it's looking wonderfull :) Best of all: after the show there's an afterparty and a little bird told me there's gonna be LOTS of prices given away...i'm talking shoe store giftcards, giftcards for my own store, outfits etc. *wooooot*!

*signing off for tonight*