Friday, December 12, 2008

YIP! Stylista

WOW! Just came back from the Stylista Event openingshow :) This wonderfull event, organized for the Make a Wish foundation, kicked off tonight with a smashing fashionshow, featuring all ten one of a kind designs. You can now bid on these designs as they are all up for auction for a period of 20 days. ALL proceeds from these specially designed gowns will go to the Make a Wish foundation. One of a kind in this case, means the highest bidder will own the gown, and ONLY the highest bidder will. No one else will have this unique piece! I'm stunned at the designs, they are all jaw-dropping gorgeous :)
Here's my own contribution:

You can bid on this, and many other one of a kind designs, limited editions and donated items right here!

Tillie Ariantho just made some beautifull shots of the opening show, view them here!

I've also released some funky funny dresses which i called YIP! Yip is available in three colors, comes in all layers and has a sculpted skirt, compiled of all fringy/frumply sculpties.

All up in the mainstore!
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