Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crimmus Sparkles!

Goodevening everyone :)

Time for Christmas goodies! This year, I'm releasing some gowns which are suitable for Christmas, but also can be used for "normal" occasions. And the best of it is, I'm pricing them for L$50 as some sort of a Christmas gift :) So far, two gowns are up, expect more to come soon!
Each gown comes in several layers for easy wearing.

Also i've finally had some time to decorate the store a little, and you can find a nice L$1 dress under the Christmas tree:

Groupmembers recieved this dress in a slightly different version in black ;)
That is it for now folks, expect more surprises to come soon, new releases and ofcourse, stay tuned for the Stylista event for the Make A Wish foundation, and the exciting Black Swan rezzable sim "Winter Magic" event, to start Dec. 15th!

Before i forget: Taxi to the mainstore here!
<3 *kuddo's*

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