Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gowns...& Masquerade :)

Goooodevening all :) Here to tell you about the new releases, the Marlene gowns i made, AND...*drumroll* lol the grand opening of the Grotto is tonight from 8pm-10pm SLT! What's the grotto you ask? It's the brandnew gorgeous ballroom from LVS&co on the Cassi Island sim. Specially created for events, parties and such! The great fun tonight, will be not only the dancing and partying, Ravenlynn and myself made limited edition gowns exclusively for this opening. The gowns are on sale ONLY for this event, to retire forever after!
The opening is at 8pm SLT, but since that is 5am in the night for me and I have a RL job to attend two hours later, i'll be sleeping probably ;) So i'm probably not going to be there. The gowns will go on sale that hour, however my own gown WILL be already on sale earlier. When? When i go to bed *LMFAO!* which is between now and 2 hours.
Here's my own contribution for the opening, this gown Fleur Noir will be gone with the wind (insert dramatic voice here) after the ball forever...
*****UPDATE: I'm deeply sorry for the short notice, but I just recieved word that the ball will be postponed!
Due to some unforseen circumstances, the ball will be postponed until further notice.. not cancelled, just pushed back a little.

Love you all..
Ravenlynn & Mesostopheles

I've also released the Marlene gown yesterday, available in 3 colors (each set has all layers, and 2 skirts to choose from, wide and poofy or lean and long, comes with a flexi sculpted backribbon aswell)

These are available in the mainstore right now :)
Hope you all enjoy and attend the grand Masquerade ball tonight for the grand opening of The Grotto! (You might run into me there afterall..since i know i'm an insomniac anyway lol)

Thursday, August 28, 2008 of gifts :D

Hey everyone! It's that time again...that time where Cassi Island is having an event HUGER then ever :D Tonight at midnight the pirate event & Masquerade ball will kick off, running from Aug. 29 to Aug. 31. The entire sim is filled with gifts and dollarbee's, most of them pirate themed. You'll find litteraly hundreds of free goodies all over the place, so make sure you check it out!
Let me first show you my lastest release, called Indiana Boho. I had so much fun making this! It's slightly crazy, but also funky and fun :) The set comes in all wearable layers for easy mix n match. Available in my mainstore only for the moment!

And here's my own contribution for the Pirate event, L$1 gifts ONLY available at the event, for this weekend:

Keep an eye on the blogs for all the goodies available ;) Also...a special invitation for the grand opening of The Grotto on Sunday, where limited edition gowns by LVS&co and myself will be sold ONLY that one evening ;) More info on that soon!

Take care everyone and enjoy the event!
<3 SySy

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Contest time :D

Goodevening all :)) I've finally started a flickr group and decided to do a monthly fun photo contest :)A friend pointed out to me it would be fun to see who's wearing my designs and how, and I thought to make it into a contest monthly :) So here's the deal in short:

You can join the **SYSY's** Flickr group and submit photo's wearing one of my outfits(please no more then 5) for the month. I will select every month the nicest 3 photos. Sometimes there will be themes, to start things of easy the theme for this month is black. :D Prizes are as follows:

**1st prize: Photo will be displayed for a month in SYSY's Mainstore and you'll recieve a L$1000 SYSY's giftcard

**2nd prize: L$500 giftcard

**3rd prize: L$300 giftcard

This contest runs from August 27 untill September 27! This should be fun!

Also I've released the black widow outfit today, a set in knitted black. It comes with a top, pants and skirt (in all possible layers) and a sculpted scarf and sleeve attachements.

Up in the mainstore! Hope you enjoy and i'm looking forward to seeing your photosubmissions!

<3, SySy

Monday, August 25, 2008

Separates gone fishing :)

^^ Tryna be original with titles lol. Hi everyone! I've just released a bunch of new separates, short and striped sweaters since i'm already starting to get in autumn mood, and i've finally finally made some denim capri's :) I took a snap shot in my store to view all colors:

And a close up of the brown sweater and indigo capri's:

So in total there's 4 different colors capri's available, and 5 colors of sweaters :)
Also just released: 8 colors of scarfs available as separate or a highly discounted fatpack ;) Here's a snap of some of the colors:

Now what was that about gone fishing? LOL, i created some very funny/weirdish outfits, from fishnet textures :) They come in black and white and are called Gone Fishing!

All available in the mainstore right now. I've used the lovely new poses of Ana Lutetia in the shots, <3 Ana! Luv em!! ANDDDD sending some love to Connie Molinaro from Ewing for doing such a sweet review :D
Untill next time,

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mademoiselle Fleur & Autumn

Ok I admit, i was too busy trying to get into the hairfair and actually totally didn't blog this no more *LOL*! OMG if you haven't yet, GO TO THE HAIRFAIR, gorgeous gorgeous hairstyles and ofcourse your lindens are well spent as 50% of most sales will go to charity ;)
Anyway, here's the new releases I wanted to blog about. Remember i did the free brown flower dress a while ago? I got so many requests for it in other colors, that i made 4 new ones. Mademoiselle Fleur they are called and come in all layers (pictured here in blue, green, rouge and black available aswell) Up here in the mainstore!

Also i couldn't resist doing yet another hippy feel outfit, called autumn. This set only comes in brown:

Hope you like it! Now excuse me, I'm going to go to the hairfair again and make another round :))
t/c everyone,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little hippy

Goodevening friends :)

I was feeling in a hippy mood and made fun hippy outfits called little hippy! They come in two colors, cream and soft green and each set has a leggings, flexi skirt and top which comes in all layers aswell as the leggings.

I'm also opening three new sattelite stores, at the Aspire sim, Best of SL boulevard and Wiladma's mall. The last one is open for business! Feel free to take a look, the sim is lovely and my neighbour is Unique Monsoo with lovely designs aswell :)

Also i'm working on some fun tee's with texts, I already sent my members a little preview but expect that soon ;)

A last reminder: The L$99 sale is still going for 2 days! Friday those items will retire and no longer be available, so grab them while you still can ;) You can find the items on sale at the left round part in my mainstore!

Thats all for now folks,
t/c SySy

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hi everyone! There's a L$99 sale going on for a week in my mainstore right now :) Much items are priced down, find the sale in the left round department of the mainstore!

I've released new tanktops aswell today, a 70's -ish inspired print tanktop in 5 colors :) Pictured here in brown, available aswell in blue, rouge, olive and teal.

Also i'd like to announce the opening of my 7th store in the beautiful Rue D'Antibes sim :) Come on over and check it out, some very lovely shops there :)

Last but not least, much <3 to Sasy & Minx for doing such lovely reviews :D

Untill next time,
<3 SySy

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Zaara gown new, 24 hours PARTY time!!!!!

Hi everyone :D Let me first of all post my latest release, the Zaara gown. Named after my friend and fellow designer Zaara, of the beautifull designs of Zaara's Indian Couture :) The gown comes just in one color, as I want it to be somewhat special :) Zaara comes in all wearable layers and is available in my mainstore right now.

And there's some very exciting news I have to share with you all: Today at 12 PM SLT (thats tonight at 21.00 Central European time), the Cybertopia Shopping Centre will have a 24 hour party marathon! And why is this exciting news you ask? Becauseeeeeeeeeeee, there's a ton of designers in the shopping center, who've designed special gifts for this occasion! You will find gifts all across the sim during these 24 hours. This is my own, the freeflower summer dress in brown, ONLY available for 24 hours during the event :)

And thats not all!!! Every hour, there will be a hidden box *somewhere* in the sim, containing L$500 for the lucky finder!
To make things even crazier: Many of the shopowners in the shopping center, will give you a L$25 refund on every single purchase you make.

We've got live DJ's, performers and entertainers in the house for 24 hours long!
Hope to see you there, we're kicking off in just an hour! TAXI right here

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Celie & Leelu released :)

2 new releases in 5 color combinations total! RL aswell as SL has been crazy busy for me, so keeping it short ;) First off, the Celie dresses:

And new today, the Leelu dress sets, these sets are fun they come in mix and match wearing options, you can wear it as a sexy strapless dress or for a more gypsy/hippy type of feel with the flared sleeved shirt :) Two colors available:

All up in the mainstore!
Untill next time,